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Underwhelmed is more like it... 2

I had a lot of high hopes for this book. I love Young Justice and the original Teen Titans book but Scott Lobdell is really slipped with this issue. Its not like this book sucks, its actually quite good in some parts, its just so bland and uninteresting. The interactions that made Red Hood more interesting and fun are barely present here. There's some good dialogue to be had, but its buried under so much padding that I find myself less interested everytime I re-read. I tried to really get into t...

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Underground and Underwhelmed 1

I have to preface this review with this: Teen Titans #1, with Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, and Starfire, was the first comic book that I ever read. And I fell in love with it. Head over heels. All of the characters were compelling. The dialogue was realistic, the characters were developing amazingly, and the art...just wow. That being said, I do have some ramped up expectations for this book, especially considering the build-up that it has received on this site wit...

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Bad Webbing on the Cover 1

This is not a bad issue, but that last one was so great so this one seems pale in comparison. Tim and Cassie are still together, but she's still not sure whether to trust him. We get some weird hints that maybe Cassie isn't as young as she looks. Then the main part of the story kicks in. The B story has Kid Flash in NOWHERE jail trying to get free.It's a setup issue and it suffers a a bit for it. Really the only real problem I had with this issue is the way Lobdell writes her dialog and personal...

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Eyes Up Ladies and Gents...Especially Gents 0

Teen Titans #2 follows up directly after the last issue. Tim is still focused on getting a team together to fight against the agents of N.O.W.H.E.R.E and Cassie is still adamant about keeping out of it. We are also introduced to some new characters in this issue. The first of which is Skitter who is a half insectoid half human teenager that seems to be having trouble holding onto her humanity. The other is none other than Solstice who has undergone a serious cosmetic change. Though not as action...

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Whelmed, just whelmed. 0

This comic was neither good nor bad. It is simply achieving a goal that it needs to in bringing characters together. It was looking like this title would be a good to great read it's turning out to be another middle of the road book with our favorite characters all messed up.Tim is not immature to be looking a girls cleavage enough for her to say "eye up here." He's used to being around women with C and DD cup breasts in revealing costumes that have them practically naked. Wondergirl is in a tan...

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N.O.W.H.E.R.E. To Run 0

The Story: Tim Drake hears about a new metahuman on the streets of Los Angeles and investigates. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is also after the same metahuman and end up bumping heads with the Teen Titans.  My Thoughts:The first issue of this series surprised me as I didn't think I would have enjoyed it near as much as I did. I was actually looking forward to this second issue of the series to get aquatinted with the rest of the team. We don't get introduced to the entire team, but two new characters appear f...

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Tim Drake is alone on trying to defeat N.O.W.H.E.R.E 0

Here is my video review for Teen Titans #2. This issue is about the Robin finding new Meta Humans to try to defeat N.O.W.H.E.R.E ,but Wondergirl is the only person he has met and she does not want to help....

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A good guy 0

Of all the DC reboots under the new 52 I will say that this one is the smartest, not necessarily the best or the most exciting, but the manner in which the creative team are treating this too-big-to-fail book is quite impressive.  At the center of it is of course Tim Drake, re-imagined here as a combination of costumed vigilante and internet activist/hacker.  It is not just there though that this series is succeeding but also with the other characters, the impetuous Kid Flash, the hard-to-get-al...

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Not Bad, but not good either 0

Okay, so Kid Flash is Bart Allen rather than Wally West, that does increase my opinion of the book (I still want to know what happened to Wally, though). Also a line states that there have been other versions of the Teen Titans, which I like; how does that fit into the 5-year Timeline is everybody's guess.What else? Skitter seems kinda generic, Solstice thing as a tortured shadow feels a bit cliche, weapon-Superboy feels old, I don't care much for Cassie's attitude, and I wonder what's Bart' sto...

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Skitter makes her debut 0

Synopsis: Red Robin goes to search for another potential candidate for his team, but can he get to Skitter before N.O.W.H.E.R.E does? -What's Good? Scott Lobell really has a handle on Tim Drake's character. In the old version of Teen Titans, Tim was the obvious choice to be the team leader, and he shows this quality in this new incarnation. I'm still liking Cassie's new personality as well. I'm also liking that Solstice is still around in the DC reboot, even with her new look. As for Skitter th...

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Titans Tieing Together 0

Teen Titans #1 left me wanted more and unsure on the state of the series. Scott Lobdell is a good writer so I gave Teen Titans another chance with Issue #2, and I'm glad I did because it's amazing.  THE GOOD:  I really like the art in this issue. It's clean but it still has the sketchy feeling to it. It also has a lot of details that I rather enjoyed. I really like the character interaction here. The teenagers and acting like teenagers and I think that it's working well. The story is also really...

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The Team Begins To Gather 0

The Good: The odd perspective on the cover makes it pretty nice actually. The narration for Kid Flash is excellent, I love the barrage of quick thoughts thrown at me because it works in that scenario. The dynamic developing between Red Robin and Wonder Girl is pretty interesting. I see a lot of reluctant teamwork. And Red Robin's detective skills are very well portrayed. Also Red Robin's cape managed to get even cooler this issue. I'm actually starting to come around to the new design. Ok, so th...

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Comic Review: Teen Titans #2: Underground and Overwhelmed / Scott 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...Teen Titans #2: Underground and Overwhelmed!Interesting cover. I'm not familiar with Skitter, but they do a good job of making her look vicious, powerful, and interesting with this one shot. Of course, you never actually see her web any Titans up in this story.Kid Flash is stuck in prison, lamenting his superhero decision. Wonder Girl allows Tim to stay on the couch at her place as thanks for helping her with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. When h...

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