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A better Teen Titan comic 0

Does Teen Titans always give the best out of DC? NoIs this issue decent, yes.I'll admit I am not picking up a lot of titles who are Death of the Family related. My main comparison is Batgirl.However Scott shows off all the sides to the story quite well. he shows the Joker's twisted plan, he shows the teen coming togetherHis tie in is good and he shows some current teen pop culture references....

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Still not a Tim I recognize. 0

Standard Spoilers apply -- obvious speculation at the end.I'm going with a 2.5 on this comic.Because, really, is there a more mismanaged character then Tim Drake, right now?One of the things I appreciate about the Joker is that he's insane and violent, but oddly poignant in his deductions. He's no slouch in the intelligence department. So, am I supposed to think that Tim is that narcissistic? That he really feels like he's better then everyone else?Because that is not the Tim I know. Tim who ido...

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Teen Titans #15 1

When I heard that Red Hood and the Outlaws was making their first out of book appearance in the pages of Teen Titans, I jumped at the chance to see how Lobdell was going to incorporate both of his books in the crossover known as The Death of the Family. I have only bought Teen Titans #0 and skimmed a bunch of issues from time to time, so I don't know if I will be able to follow everything this team has to offer, though I am ready to see what Joker has planned for Tim Drake, but on to the review....

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The Joker targets the Teen Titans 0

Here is my video review for Teen Titans issue 15. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Teen Titans #15 0

Teen ScreamTo see this review with images, Click Here.The DCNU Teen Titans has been a disappointment to me overall. The latest arch was better than all that has come previously, but it still did not wow me. The last issue left us with the cliffhanger that Red Robin had been presumably kidnapped by Joker, and apparently, the clown wants the Teen Titans to join in on the fun. It is hard to get too excited about any of this since we have seen so many tie ins to the Death of the Family story, and th...

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The Fastest Virus Alive 0

This has been a very fun series, but overall inconsistent, with some good issues and some poor. I was hoping that it's part in the Death of the Family crossover, and that due to it crossing over with Red Hood and the Outlaws, that it would put the series back on course, and although it has, it still wasn't quite as good as I hoped.PlotThis issue sees the Teen Titans enlist Batgirl's help following Red Robin's kidnapping at the hands of the Joker (which happened at the end of the last issue). As ...

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Teen Titans #15 0

THE GOOD: Brett Booth is back and brings the book back to the standards we started with. His art looks very modern and that is something need for a young team book. There are details everywhere that creates a much larger world and really makes the atmosphere real. The best part is his style. It is very edgy and makes everything seem much more hip. The story is actually very deep and really makes the team seem a little more interesting. Red Robin has been kidnapped and this leads the Teen Titans ...

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The Teen and The Joker 0

Every now and then I will post a message on Twitter or on a message board to a comic creator to see if they will respond. The message isn't anything to bait them or something like that. It is usually words of praise or maybe a request for some behind the scenes material.So I post sometimes on and hve gotten the occasional response. I posted to a forum about this particular comic, and got a response from Fabian Nicieza. You can read it here.Back? Coolness. Because the dialo...

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Teenage Wasteland 0

Brett Booth's art looks a lot better than usual in this issue, aside from certain exceptions like the bizarrely awkward posing of Batgirl on the first page, and the worst rendition of Joker's face. It doesn't look like it's stapled and fishooked on at all, it looks like his face was never removed in the first place. Also Starfire's costume is.... well, completely wrong. It doesn't look at all like it does in Red Hood and the Outlaws.Tim will not shut up. This issue is extremely wordy, Red Robin ...

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Teen Titans #15 Review 0

Cover & Solicit - 4/5Would I pick-up or buy the comic based on the solicit or cover alone?Are the alternate covers appealing?Does the solicit and cover portray what happens in the issue?Do I like the artist's style on the cover?Art, Colors & Inking - 4/5- Weighted DoubleDo I personally like this artist's style?Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?If there are multiple artists do they blend well and not disturb the reading experience?Does the coloring/inking blend well w...

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