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    Team » Teen Team appears in 32 issues.

    The Teen Team was a band of super-powered teenagers. Together they fought crime and global menaces until the team was disbanded in a cloud of drama and ambition.

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    Assembled and led by the mechanical marvel Robot, the Teen Team also consisted of Rex Splode, a brash brawler with explosive powers; Dupli-Kate, a self-cloning crime fighter; Atom Eve, manipulator of matter; and the newest teen superhero, Invincible, who assisted the team on multiple occasions, although he never became an active member.

    They operated out of a secret base inside a huge pillar of a bridge, were Robot tirelessly monitored emerging crises and conducted experiments.

    The Guardians of the Globe were impressed by Robot's achievements and asked him to join. Robot disbanded the team that he formed, but the Guardians were all murdered before he could accept a position with the group. The team was disbanded under less than convivial terms, after Atom Eve discovered that Rex-Splode was having a relationship with Dupli-Kate.

    The Teen Team was successful by super-team standards. Over nearly four years of missions, the team amassed an impressive record of wins against foes such as the Mauler twins, Lava monsters, invaders from beyond, and the rampaging Elephant. The Teen Team is credited with saving the world 1.5 times.


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