Teen Lantern

    Character » Teen Lantern appears in 56 issues.

    New member of Young Justice, she was able to hack a green lantern battery.

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    Kelie Quintela was born in La Paz, Bolivia. While at a junkyard searching for something with a boy named Marcos, Keli witnesses a man kill an alien. She later returns to the junkyard alone and finds Lorl, the alien, and he gives her a device that allows her to access the Green Lantern Power Battery. Lorl then dies and Keli is alone again in the junkyard. She modified and hacked the device to act more like a Green Lantern Ring. She then moves to Metropolis to become a superhero.


    Kelie Quintela was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Patrick Gleason and first appeared in Young Justice #1 - Seven Crises.

    Major Story Arcs

    Young Justice


    Lost in the Multiverse

    Warriors and Warlords.


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