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    The original Teen Brigade were a group of teenagers that used Radio Hams to help the Hulk and the Avengers during their early years. More recently, a new Teen Brigade, a team of superheroes, have surfaced acting on classified SHIELD intel.

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    The Teen Brigade was a group of teenaged shortwave radio enthusiasts founded by Rick Jones to keep the tabs on the Hulk. By relaying possible sightings to the other members of their volunteer network, the group could often pin down the Hulk's current location.


    The Teen Brigade first appeared in 1963 in The Incredible Hulk #6 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. They made sporadic appearances through-out the remainder of the 60s. In 2011, Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta reinvented the group as a young superhero team in the Vengeance miniseries.

    Team Evolution

    The Teen Brigade used short wave radios and internet-enabled computers to keep in touch with each other. The founding members of the team were Rick Jones, Candy, Rider, Specs, Wheels, and other volunteers.

    There was a second group of youths called the Teen Brigade from all over the world that helped Rick Jones bring Bruce Banner and Betty Ross to the site of the original detonation site that turned Bruce Banner to the Hulk. The Corruptor derailed their mission, but he quickly met defeat and the Teen Brigade had escaped without any injuries.

    More recently, a group of teenagers have banded together to act upon info fed to them by ex- SHIELD agent Jack Truman. The team is led by Ultimate Nullifier and consists of Barnell Bohusk, Angel Salvadore, and a new Miss America. The team were later joined by the In-Betweener, the embodiment of order and chaos.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Avengers

     All the Members
     All the Members

    The Teen Brigade originally got together to help the Hulk in a battle against the Metal Master. The Teen Brigade stayed active afterwards and kept tabs on the Hulk and his whereabouts. When Loki manipulated the Hulk into a rampage, it was the Teen Brigade's call for help that resulted in assembling the Avengers for the very first time. Although they were trying to reach the Fantastic Four, their call was answered by the original Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man and Wasp
    The team remained active afterwards and assisted the Avengers in tracking the Hulk and later when the Avengers were captured by Kang the Conquerer, the Teen Brigade managed to trick Kang and free the Avengers. They also helped the newly revived Captain America track down a suspect who had turned the Avengers to stone. The group acted as a precursor of sorts to Captain America's Stars and Stripes computer hotline network. The Teen Brigade also relayed calls for help from and to other superheroes and groups like the X-Men, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four.


    Years later, when Rick Jones was acting as Captain Marvel's sidekick, he decided to look up his former Teen Brigade partners. The reunion was short-lived when Rick was captured by Dr. Minerva. The Teen Brigade worked together to try and find Rick Jones and succeeded, although by the time they arrived, Captain Marvel had already freed Rick and was mistaken for his captor.

    Again, after years had passed, Rick Jones reformed the Teen Brigade to aid the Hulk once more. The Hulk, under the control of the Corruptor, was causing havoc and had kidnapped both Betty and Rick. In a twist of fate, the call Rick sent out for help was not received by the Avengers and instead was answered by several South West-based superheroes who formed the Rangers afterwards: Shooting Star, Texas Twister, Phantom Rider, Red Wolf and Firebird.


    The New Teen Brigade
    The New Teen Brigade

    A new version of the Teen Brigade was formed sometime recently to act on top secret intel provided by an mysterious source. After a night at a club partying with Stacy-X, Ultimate Nullifier and Sugar Kane engaged in various sexual acts with Stacy only to be interrupted by Magneto who was disgusted by Stacy's behavior and how she was portraying the standard of the mutant race. Ultimate Nullifier fought Magneto, but the mutant opted to leave believing he wasn't accomplishing anything by fighting.

    Elsewhere, Miss America, Angel Salvadore and Beak broke into Area 51 where they discovered and freed the entity known as the In-Betweener on a tip from their source. In rescuing him, Miss America was attacked by demons from another dimension called the Brotherhood. The team spent the rest of their time together battling against the Young Masters, whom they first encountered attempting to murder Doctor Octopus, and being investigated by Kyle Richmond's Defenders who had, unbeknownst to them, located Jack Truman their mysterious source.The Teen Brigade, joined by Truman and later the Defenders, battled the Young Masters and more interdimensional demons as the Young Masters attempted to assassinate regent of Latveria Kristoff Vernard. The Teen Brigade succeeded in saving an ungrateful Kristoff, as their "mentor" Jack Truman lamented seeing the team having a future.


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