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    He-Man's oldest ally and childhood friend. Although she is raised by Man-At-Arms, her true parentage is hidden from her, as she is actually the sorceress' daughter. She later takes on the power of the sorceress of Grayskull.

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    Teela is the daughter of the Sorceress and step daughter of Man-At-Arms. She is a warrior goddess who is charged with protecting Castle Greyskull. She has warrior skills that sometimes even challenges He-Man.


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    First appeared in Masters of the Universe mini-comic #1. She was a concept created by Lou Schiemer in promotion for the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe TV series. First written up by Don Glut.

    Character Evolution


    Teela first appeared in the first few issues of the series 1 mini-comic line. She appeared as an interest for Skeletor to steal her and make her his bride. With the help of He-Man, Teela was freed and helped to defeat Skeletor. She was often called a "Warrior Goddess" in the series, and was steward of Castle Greyskull, to look after the castle and make sure no one came to claim it or the secrets that lie within fall into anyone's hands unless they were part of a prophecy.

    Her character played much of a support role in appearances in the mini-comic series. It was not until that series 2 we find out that she was a created clone of the Goddess by Skeletor 20 years previous of the first issue. She was then controlled by Skeletor to fight the Goddess, then the Goddess fused with Teela in order for them to defeat Skeletor. The two split apart again after the battle. The issue has often not been referred too as cannon material, but is often brought up as a point of interest.

    She would later be given the title of Captain of the Guards for the royal family of Eternia. She does not know that Prince Adam is really He-Man. She was changed to be daughter of Man-At-Arms and the Goddess.

    DC Comics (2012)

    Teela is one of the primary characters in the new He-Man series from DC Comics. She is also prominently featured in the Eternity War miniseries where she has taken over the role of the Sorceress of Grayskull, only with a serpentine based inspiration for her magical powers, versus the previous one of eagle and avian influences.

    In this story Mordok has returned from an imprisonment and seeks to enslave all of Eternia with the use of two powerful crystals. These crystals control time and space respectively, and are able to control both if used together. For a time they were separated by the Sorceress, but Skeletor is shown returning with one of the crystals, as it was previosuly buried in the sands of time.

    The usual heroes from the He-Man stories congregate together as they are thrown out of their kingdom. Teela confers with He-Man and She-Ra as to a course of action which can return them to their rightful place ruling Eternia, although they are interrupted by Man-at-Arms, as he was eager to see his daughter and to ensure her safety, but also that he can give him his next mission.

    Training and Abilities

    Teela is a great weapons master and fighter as well. She trained at a very young age at fighting and weapon mastery and is the captain of the royal guard of Eternia.

    Due to being the daughter of the Sorceress, in some stories she is sometimes shown having magical powers, even comparable to those of the Sorceress herself.


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