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Teekl's origin is unclear. She was living in or around Klarion's master's house when the witchboy was young. She approached him while he was hiding from his abusive master, and they formed the familiar bond.


Teekl was created by Jack Kirby. She made her first appearance in The Demon #7.

Character Evolution

Bronze Age

In the Bronze Age very little was known about Teekl or her origin, save that she had come with Klarion from the Beyond Country, and was able to transform into a werecat, with his assistance. In this Age, Teekl was originally presented as male, but soon switched to female. During this age she was described as being able to sense and hunt death, though this ability has never been expanded upon or seen again.

Modern Age

Early in the Modern Age, Teekl was described as having approached Klarion while he was being held in prison, as she had befriended every other witch who had been imprisoned there before they died. Klarion was able to escape, however, and took Teekl with him as his familiar. This version of Teekl was required by Klarion to help focus his magic. Later in the Modern Age, Teekl was rewritten. Now male, he was described as having been born from the Bonding Tree in Limbo Town, presumably specifically for Klarion.

New 52

The New 52 introduced Teekl's current origin and powers, and returned her gender to female. During this age, Teekl had apparently died sometime before Klarion left home, and was placed into a jar by Klarion.


Following Rebirth, Teekl's apparent death was seemingly reversed. Her origin is presumed to have remained the same.

Major Story Arcs


While Klarion puts his plan to have Jason Blood's friends executed into action, Teekl is left to guard the District Attorney and his wife. She kills the wife while Klarion is away, and when he returns she also kills the DA, after which the pair flee.

Sins of Youth

Teekl accompanies Klarion as he wreaks havoc amongst the heroes. In her were-cat form she is possessed by Deadman and taken away from Klarion, who grows increasingly weak and erratic. She is held hostage by the heroes until Klarion agrees to undo his magic. When she is returned to him Klarion is able to defeat the cloned adult version of himself.

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Teekl accompanies Klarion to Blue Rafters, the world above Limbo Town. He and his master return to Limbo Town some time later when it becomes clear that Melmoth intends to invade. He is nearly burned at the stake along with his master until Melmoth arrives. Klarion is given the ability to transform them both into the gestalt monster, the Horigal, and together they chase away Melmoth's invaders. He later accompanies Klarion to Sheeda-Side, where Klarion becomes king.


Teekl runs away from Klarion when he senses that Uriah, a native of Limbo Town, is in Gotham and creating a Judgement Beast, a chimera of familiars. He is found by Robin, who protects him for a short time, but he is tracked down by the Beast. Resisting for a time, he is ultimately absorbed into the Beast. He is freed when Klarion transforms them into the Horigal, and Robin breaks the spell holding the familiars together.

Chalk (Heart) Outline

Driven by the urge to mate but prevented by one of Klarion's spells, Teekl goes on a rampage as a were-cat, tearing out the hearts of random people he encounters. He is captured by Klarion and Batgirl, who travel to Limbo Town and find a familiar for Teekl to mate with, ending his rampage.


Apparently deceased, Teekl is sealed in a jar and carried to Earth by Klarion. The bezoar in her stomach is used by Noah to open a portal that ultimately leads to Klarion's pocket, where Teekl's spirit lurks. She is ultimately revived by a spell created by Noah, and joins Klarion in defeating Gargora.

Alternate Versions


Teekl was presumably killed in the same mysterious event that killed his master.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Teekl appears in this adaptation of the television series of the same name. She impersonates a demon as her master seeks revenge on Cain and Abel in the House of Mystery.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Teekl appears alongside Klarion in this comic book adaptation of the video game of the same name.

Powers and Abilities

Teekl has a psychic bond with her master; they can communicate by telepathy, and Klarion is able to see through her eyes. She is able to turn into a werecat, as well as to become more feral and monstrous, though these are often accomplished with Klarion's help. She also has a natural magic the exact nature of which is unknown.

Other Media


The New Batman Adventures

Teekl appears alongside Klarion in the episode "The Demon Within."

Cartoon Monsoon

Teekl appears with Klarion in "Trial of the Crystal Wand, Part 1 & 2."

Young Justice

Teekl appears alongside Klarion, making her first appearance in "Denial." She is necessary to keep Klarion tethered to this plane. Her vocal effects are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.

Justice League Action

Teekl appears with Klarion in the episode "Trick or Threat."

Video Games

DC Universe Online

Teekl appears with Klarion during the "Witching Hour" Halloween event.

Young Justice: Legacy

Teekl appears with Klarion in this game.


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