Teddy Remsen

    Character » Teddy Remsen appears in 15 issues.

    Paralyzed from the waist down after a cowardly bomb attack, Theodore "Teddy" Remsen nonetheless developed dream powers like her brother's - if to a lesser extent - which she uses to help him in his revolutionary dream therapy at the Ballad clinic.

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    Other than the bizarre mental link she shared with her brother Keith, Teddy Remsen was a perfectly ordinary young girl. She grew up with two wonderful psychologist parents, and was thinking of becoming one herself, just like her brother, who was going to Switzerland to study with her parents' instructor, Doctor Horst Kleinmann. This never happened, however.

    Kleinmann believed that Keith was being sent by his parents to spy on his new dream therapy techniques, and being quite mad, he arranged for a flunky to plant a bomb on them at the airport. Sure enough, the thing detonated (if early), and wiped Teddy's parents off the face of the earth. In addition, Keith dropped into a coma, and Teddy's ability to walk was forever lost.

    About two months later, Keith came out of his coma, doing so as the mysterious White Event occurred. It soon became apparent that Keith was changed by his ordeal (or alternately, because of the Event), as he was manifesting control over the dreams of other people. Teddy knew this because of her mental link with Keith, which allowed her to share his dreamwalking experiences.

    In fact, she proved vital to Keith's work, as the link they shared allows her to pull Keith out of any trouble he encounters while in somebody's head. As such, she joined Keith, Doctor Ballad, and Lita Mercado in forming the Ballad Dream Institute, where the group could do their work in a professional capacity, and disguise the fact that Keith's paranormal powers were helping folks.

    For the next year and a half, Teddy assisted Keith in his dream work, generally reigning him in and keeping him in control. During this time, she discovered that she, too, could enter the dreams of another, though she possessed this ability at a much lower level of power than Keith does. However, this proved that she, too, was a paranormal like her brother.

    This didn't save her from feeling the backlash of the creation of the Pitt, however. You see, while Keith was treating an empath's terror-filled nightmares, Ken Connell accidentally destroyed Pittsburgh, and the resulting psychic backlash pretty much shredded up this empath's mind. Unfortunately, Keith was inside it at the time, and through their link, Teddy also experienced this trauma.

    Too much to bear, this pain threw Teddy into a coma, a coma that nobody (even Keith himself) could manage to pull her out of. As such, when the Draft was instituted, Doctor Ballad took Teddy with him to the Bethesda Naval hospital in order to treat her while he studied paranormal powers for the U.S. government. Since she was a paranormal herself, he was able to get away with this.

    After about another year and a half of therapy (both by Ballad and Keith himself), Teddy finally came to terms with all that pain, both created by the Pitt's creation and that which she's been carrying around with her since she was paralyzed years ago. Once he'd revived her, Keith promised to help her get everything back on track, even as she helped him to regain control of his Nightmask.

    However, Keith himself soon fell victim to a psychotic episode once he'd managed to neutralize Harlan Mook, the army recruit he'd called sane when he, in fact, wasn't. This madman was conducting a global string of terrorism, blowing up people and places indiscriminately until Keith finally took care of him. Not able to deal with his guilt over the whole affair, Keith fell apart.

    He wound up being institutionalized for over four years. As such, it is unknown exactly how well Teddy has done since she came out of her coma. However, being in the care of Doctor Ballad and Lita Mercado has likely helped her to deal with all of her inner (and external) demons, so she's probably recovered her mental balance by this time.


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