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Ted Sprague was able to manipulate radiation which he discovered after he had his first encounter with the Haitian and was later kidnapped by the organization called 'The Company'.  He first manifested his ability when he bought flowers for his wife, but the flower was destroyed.  Soon after, his wife was diagnosed with cancer, which she gained from 'radiation exposure'.  His wife ultimately died and Ted was arrested by Matt Parkman

In the interrogation room, Ted confessed that he has these two strange marks on his neck and didn't know where he got them because two days from his past were a 'blur'.  Matt and Ted almost shared the same fate but before they could found anything, Ted was taken away by the FBI.  Matt was later called by his partner who informed him that Ted had escaped.  

For a few weeks there wasn't any sign of Ten's whereabouts.  Ted eventually re-appeared in the Nevada Desert where he had been hiding from the authorities in a small house.   Wireless made contact with Ted and the two decided to recruit Parkman in order to stop the Company.  They broke into Noah Bennet's house only to shoot Claire and being betrayed by Parkman.  Claire healed as Noah, Matt and the Haitian tried to stop Ted but Noah's boss, Thomson arrived.  Thomson shot Ted who began to loose control of his ability and a nuclear explosion detonated; destroying the Bennet house.  

Parkman and Ted were locked away with Bennet, but they managed to escape with Noah's help.  Ted's ability evolved.  Upon their arrival in New York City they met up with Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennet.  Peter mimicked Ted's ability, but the first time he managed to control it Claire, Peter and Ted wanted to go to the police in order to take Sylar into custody.  However, the FBI arrived and arrested Ted. 
It was revealed that Sylar was the one who called them so with this, later that night Sylar using his telekinesis, stopped the van killed everyone including Ted too and stole his ability. 
Ted hasn't been seen or mentions since. 
Ted Sprague is mentioned by Sylar as a victim of his while Hiro has a hallucination.

Powers and Abilities

Ted Sprague was able to fry things with his hands and create radiation.His power was stolen by Sylar when he murdered Ted during his transport to the prison.Peter Petrelli exploded over New York due this ability.This ability was used last time in an exposed future where Gabriel Gray aka. Sylar's son, Noah was murdered and due the agony and pain, he exploded destroying Costa Verde.

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