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Geoffrey Barron
Geoffrey Barron

Geoffrey Barron was in Markovia selling his new defense armour called the Technocrat 2000. He was eventually caught up in a war between the Outsiders and Roderick's army of Vampires and put on the armour to become the superhero technocrat. During this time, his bodyguard, Wylde, was turned into a half beast and half man. These 2 joined up with Geo-Force, Katana, Halo, Looker, and Faust to make up a new version of the Outsiders.


Technocrat was created by Mike W. Barr and in Outsiders #1

Character Evolution

Technocrat 5.0
Technocrat 5.0

Technocrat was extremely close to Wylde, his former bodyguard. He was the only person who could calm down Wylde. He had a strong sense of Justice.

It was believed that Technocrat died during Infinite Crisis, getting caught in the blast, along with Looker, when Superboy-Prime killed Breach. Looker has since returned. When the Outsiders returned to Markovia under Geo-Force's leadership, Black Lightning runs into Technocrat. The two end up fighting and Black Lightning defeats him. When Black Lightning defeated him, the armor was a controlled armor. A larger Technocrat armor being controlled by Geoffrey Barron called himself Technocrat 5.0.

Major Story Arcs

The Outsiders

His appearance while on the Outsiders
His appearance while on the Outsiders

The team was framed for murder and had to work underground. This led the Eradicator to them, who joined the team after a fight which convinced him they were innocent. The team found and killed Roderick and cleared their names. His wife also betrayed him and was killed. Halo took over her body after the body of Violet Harper was destroyed. When the team split, Technocrat went with Geo-Force and Katana to fight for good. The team eventually came back together when Felix Faust, Faust's father, attacked.

Powers & Abilities

Technocrat's suit had many powers and abilities. He was able to create force fields to stop powerful attacks, able to withstand attacks from Atomic Knight. He was also to shock others by shooting them with what was similar to a taser. He had the abilities to Fly and use his suit as a tracker. He also had increase in Strength, Speed, and Durability while wearing the suit.

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