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Appearing originally in X-Men: The End as a future Marauder Technarx seem capable of infecting multiple people with techno-organic virus that resemble both a cross between Cable's version and the Technary. He was first dispatch to rid of Cable and his team which he easily did and when Apocalypse interfere he even infected the mighty mutant and killed him. Later when fighting the X-Men he infected Marvel Girl and would gone on had she not used the power of the Phoenix to cleanse herself of the infection and her younger brother Cable, before destroying Technarx to his raw material.   He would make his first 616 appearance as Doctor Doom's General in the Counter-Earth, fighting the Fantastic Four.


 Technarx is a mutant infected with the transmodus virus further mutating him. He once called the perfect expression of organic-machine. He is able to elongate himself and shape-shift as all other infected with the virus before him can do. He is also shown to rapidly infected other and take them under his command even once cure they will retrain several of his 'infectious agent' and may regress to their previous infected form if not treated properly.

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