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    The Technarchy are a techno-organic alien species from the planet Kvch. Unlike most technologically advanced races, their society engages in primitive rituals based on Darwinistic individualism.

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    The only evidence of the Technarchy’s past is their homeworld of Kvch. The entire planet is covered by massive abandoned cities in disrepair and there are no signs of any biological life remaining on the planet. According to Warlock there are no large bodies of water on Kvch such as oceans and lakes. It’s impossible to tell if the Technarchy assimilated the entire biosphere and devoured the inhabitants or if they were the former inhabitants.

    Notably Warlock and Tyro were able to access/reboot working electronic systems below the surface. The rooms they inhabited were relatively clean and light-blue compared to the dilapidated ruins, suggesting that there are similar areas scattered across the planet (probably the assembly lines responsible for producing offspring).

    After the Magus failed to return to Kvch, the rest of the Technarch siredams (adult members of the species) left the planet.

    Biology and Culture

    The Technarchy do not have a “true form”. In most of their comic book appearances, Warlock and the Magus have taken the shape of humans when they are on Earth. However they retain the gold and black plating common to their species. Various sensors and other equipment extend from their bodies at odd angles. Other members of their species do not take humanoid form and resemble titanic monsters.

    The Technarchy can neither digest food nor subsist on inorganic material. Instead they convert organic life into techno-organic life by infecting targets with the Transmode Virus. The individual then drains the life energy of the target, referred to as “lifeglow”, leaving behind dead circuitry. If the energy is not harvested after infection the target become Phalanx. The Technarchy regard them as abominations to be wiped out as quickly as possible. They have gone as far as to insert dormant code within the Transmode Virus if Phalanx members hit a certain number in a certain area: once they do so, the Phalanx will automatically construct a long-range signal device called a Babel Spire to alert the Technarchy of their existence. Technarchs can also absorb various forms of energy such as electricity to power themselves.

    Technarchy offspring are produced on assembly lines on the homeworld. A single parent donates its code to create a child, which is raised in a crèche until they are “decanted”. This point signifies the child’s transition into adulthood. From here a signal is broadcasted from Kvch to attract the parent. When the parent returns to Kvch, the child must battle its “siredam” to the death to claim its right to live. As implied by all the above, familial affectation between the two is at best limited.

    Although the Magus, Warlock, and Tyro are male names, all individuals are technically asexual.

    Powers and Abilities

    All members of the Technarchy can quickly shapeshift into almost any form, color, and shape they desire. They can produce sensors, energy weapons, hologram projectors, and other equipment at a thought. Shapeshifting allows them to endure and repair damage to their bodies much faster than an ordinary human, as well as constantly adapt to new threats.They can also change their size at the same time, although there are limits to how large/small they can be.

    They possess the innate ability to integrate with computer systems, including each other. Warlock’s specific mutation allows him to rewrite the code of other Technarchs to pass on his pacifist habits.

    They are adept detectors, especially to the signals broadcasted by Babel Spires.

    Individuals can use dimensional manipulation to travel through hyperspace.

    The powers of any individual rapidly increase in proportion with their maturity and size. Tyro’s siredam demonstrated similar powers to Warlock (energy projection, shapeshifting, hyperspace travel) at a far greater level. Prior to arriving on Kvch, said siredam was tunneling into a planet's core.The Magus, the most powerful member of the Technarchy, was once described as being able to collapse a star with pure strength.


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