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    Character » Tech Jacket appears in 77 issues.

    Tech Jacket is a human named Zack Thompson who came into possession of an alien suit of armor which granted him extraordinary abilities.

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    A High School student named Zack Thompson finds a dying alien from a race of highly intelligent aliens called the Geldarians. Though the race is incredibly weak the make up for it by inventing the Tech Jacket, a machine vest that every Geldarian is equipped with upon birth. Seeing Zack and knowing his crashed spaceship is going to blow up and kill them both he gives him the Tech Jacket therefore sparing his life.

    After saving his father from some mobsters Zach tells him about the crashed spaceship and dying alien. The pair agree to keep the Tech Jacket (and the mobsters) a secret from Zack's mom. Some time later the Geldarians show up thinking he killed Kresh (the alien) and stole the Tech Jacket. The Kresh arrive seeking revenge as well and Zack proves to the Geldarians not only that he didn't steal the suit but that he is a true hero by helping them fend of their enemies. Zack is taken to Geldarian Space and learns how to properly use the Tech Jacket. He also learns that removal is not allowed due to executive decree 574-3 (Zack is later told that he might not survive the removal process anyways).

    After the defeat of the Kresh Zack returns to earth to find his home & father's business abandoned. The mobsters return and Zack orders them to take him to their boss.

    After threatening to kill them, all the mobsters agree to never have any more dealings with the Thompson family. Zack is later reunited with his parents.

    Image Universe

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    Despite the series being cut off early, Tech Jacket has appeared through many other Image comics, specifically Invincible, another one of Kirkman's characters. Currently he is one of the major character in the

    Viltrumite War. He was recruited to fight along side Invincible, Allen the Alien, Omni-Man, and Thaedus.


    A powered exoskeleton called "the most powerful weapons in the universe", the Tech Jacket was created by the Geldarians to make up for their physical weakness. But one found its way to Zack Thompson, a high schooler.

    Going to War
    Going to War
    • Removal is not permitted, under executive decree 574-3.
    • The a vest gives him super strength, super speed, near invulnerability, enhanced agility, flight, and energy blasts.
    • The jacket has an ability known as Host Maintenance which when activated removes and destroys all germs, bacteria and dirt from the user's body, removing the need to bathe.
    • The Jacket has the ability to give him whatever weapon he can think up. Whether it be a whip to fight humans or an arm blaster for hostile aliens.

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