Character » Tech-9 appears in 19 issues.

    The original leader of the Blood Syndicate, joint super-powered gang of Paris Island's surviving gangs Paris Island Bloods and the Force Syndicate.

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    The original leader of the Blood Syndicate. Rolando Texador, a.k.a. Tech-9, formed the original gang Force Syndicate and eventually Blood Syndicate with his childhood friends Fade and Flashback. His skills were honed by military training and he himself was a cool guy. Tech-9 was an excellent leader and fierce opponent. His skills in combat were shown off when he fought Blood Syndicate member Holocaust for the rite to stay leader. His life swiftly ended as his body dissolved as a side effect of the big bang. This left the Syndicate without a leader and installed a fear of the same death occuring to the other members. Wise Son would eventually take over as leader.

    Tech-9 returns to the Blood Syndicate, but it is later discovered to be the exiled member Masquerade in disguise.

    In the Static Shock Cartoon there is a character named Tech who is a homage to the character Tech-9 from the comics.


    "Tech-9's powers could be summed up as 'Cinematic Guns'. He could carry literally an infinite number of firearms without them showing or getting in his way - nothing else could be carried this way, just firearms (he usually carried a couple of M16A1 assault rifles in his hip pockets). Anything he shot at, he hit, even if he didn't aim. And any gun he held never ran out of ammunition (just like old movies). And he could be hurt by bullets, but never ever killed by them." According to "Moe" Tech didn't carry most of his guns, he materialized them.

    In addition to his gun powers, Tech 9 is also superhumanly durable. He was able to take Holocaust's fire and punches over and over again without sustaining much damage.


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