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Extreme Sacrifice part 7 of 8. Polybagged with card. Rob Liefeld story. Robert Napton script. John Stinsman & John Fang pencils. Jaime Mendoza inks.

Note cover was misprinted as 7 of 8

Extreme Sacrifice Part 6 (of 8)

Graves has gathered every members of Youngblood, Brigade and Newmen he has been able to find as to prepare them for the big battle. Shaft enters the room where everybody is and finds his father, Colonel Bravo, that he hasn't seen in a long time. That's at this moment that Knight Sabre tells shaft that he and his father are part of the Order of the Knights, a group of super-powered heroes that appears when the danger is universal.

The meeting is of short minutes as Crypt enters the place, throwing a Warwolf in bad-shape through the window. Link is the first to ripost but his attack is stopped by a newcomer : Newborn, son of Reign and Dash. He seems prepared for this fight since his recent birth as he takes the gem of Reign and sends a blast to Cyrpt. But Crypt is better than that and eliminate him in a blink of an eye.

After that, it's a general battle as everybody attack Crypt. Sentinel II receives the hammer stolen from Supreme and seems K.O. The devilish warrior destroys hero after hero and when he is about to finish Dash the surprise arrives. Sentinel II is back and tries to kill Crypt thanks to his fusion reaction. Exit creates a huge portal to send the shrapnels elsewhere as to save his friends but the explosion is too strong.

The dust falls and all that Graves and Kombat can see is the whole teams lying on the floor, and Crypt escaping..

.. that's at this very moment that Prophet and Kirby make their entering..


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