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    Team X was a CIA black ops team in the 60s. The members of Team X were wiped of their memories after each mission. When the team was disbanded, Weapon X gathered them and used them as test subjects.

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    Team X was a black ops team created by the CIA and the people behind the Weapon X program sometime around the beginning of the Cold War. Although little is known about what the team did while they were active, it is known that most of the team had their memories wiped after almost every mission. Team X was considered the best the US had to offer, and faced off against the KGB on many occasions.

    The Team

    • Sabretooth - Sabretooth was apparently the highest ranking of the team, he recruited Wolverine, and appears to be the only member of the team who knew any details on missions.
    • Wolverine - Logan had his memory wiped after every mission. Whenever Logan would question orders, Sabretooth would kill innocent people.
    • Maverick - Maverick was hired from outside the CIA, and didn't know much about what the team did. Logan trusted him.
    • Kestrel - The extraction expert; Kestrel used his teleportation powers to get the team out of many tight spots.
    • Silver Fox - Zora was romantically involved with Wolverine for a time. In the end she betrayed the team due to a strange reaction to her memory implants.
    • Mastodon - The most basic member, Mastodon is not mentioned much, and very little is known about him.

    Omega Red & Carbonadium Synthesizer

    The team was sent to Russia to retrieve a device called the Carbonadium Synthesizer. What they didn't know was that they were also sent to deal with Omega Red. They retrieved the synthesizer, and barely managed to escape. Realizing how important the device was, Wolverine did not want it to fall into the hands of his masters, so he gave it to Maverick to hide. Over the following decades, Omega Red tracked Wolverine and Maverick down many times in an attempt to retrieve the Carbonadium Synthesizer in order to heal his body, and stop its constant decomposition due to radiation.

    In Other Media


    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Team X in the movie
    Team X in the movie

    Team X appears in the movie, consisting of Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deadpool, John Wraith, Bolt, Agent Zero and Fred Dukes. In the movie continuity, Team X is assembled during the Cold War by William Stryker, who seeks to use mutant soldiers to handle covert missions. Wolverine quits the group after a mission in Africa goes south, resulting in civilian deaths. The team itself disbands sometime after this, with most of its former members later murdered by Sabretooth at Stryker's behest.


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