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Short-lived team of mystics assembled by Brainiac to counter the Omega Titans by re-energizing Colu's Tree of Wonder.


After the rupture of the Source Wall by the Justice League at the end of the battle with the demon Barbatos, four immensely powerful beings known as the Omega Titans returned to the universe intent on harvesting seeds they had planted eons ago. The planet Colu, homeworld of Brainiac, was their first stop and Team Wonder was one of four ability based teams Brainiac assembled in hopes of saving it.

With the assassination of Brainiac by Amanda Waller, Team Wonder struggled like the others with it's purpose and against the mystical forces of Colu, which were not entirely comparable to those of Earth and the team being hamstrung by Brainiacs technology that had been attached to the team.

Though the team failed to save Colu, the lessons learned allowed the teams Brainiac had assembled along with those left on Earth to counter the Omega Titans on Earth before disbanding.


  • Wonder Woman
  • Zatanna
  • Dr. Fate
  • Raven
  • Etrigan


Following the events of No Justice, the four trees remain, Wonder Woman has a strong feeling about something having changed and is starting a new version of Justice League Dark to counter it with the aid of Zatanna and Dr. Fate while Raven has joined Nightwing's Titans to counter the effects of the Source Wall creating many new metahumans.


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