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    Traveling from the future, the Team Titans' mission was to kill Donna Troy before she can give birth to the boy who, in their future, would become the evil Lord Chaos. The Team Titans and their future were erased from existence during Zero Hour.

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    The Team Titans' story began 10 years in the future; or, rather, the false future where Lord Chaos reigned and a force known as the Team Titans struggled to overthrow his tyranny. To combat the Titan-god, the mysterious leader of the Team Titans sought out or created groups of super-powered teens. Collecting these youths together as the Teen Titans, named in honor of the original super-hero group of the 20th century, he created a nearly invisible army of underground freedom fighters. But he knew Lord Chaos' power, and he knew if Chaos had captured any one of his warriors, they could be forced to reveal his location and the whereabouts of the entire Teen Titans army. To prevent this, he created smaller subgroups of Titans. Each small platoon force was given specific missions, but knew nothing of their leader or the whereabouts of the other Titan-platoons. This would assure each group's safety, as well as the safety and existence of the entire underground.


    The " Leader" sent one such platoon of Team Titans, consisting of Killowat, Mirage, Nightrider, Prestor Jon, Redwing, and Terra, back in time to the 20th century to kill Lord Chaos' mother before his birth. However, Lord Chaos' mother was the super-heroine Donna Troy, founding member of the Teen Titans.


    Key Story Arcs

    Total Chaos

     The Team Titans go back in time
     The Team Titans go back in time

    In order to prevent the birth of Lord Chaos, the Team Titans went back in time and hunted down Lord Chaos’ mother Donna Troy. However, Lord Chaos has his army also send him back in time in order to protect his own birth. Lord Chaos kidnapped Donna Troy and protected her while she gave birth. With his birth assured, Lord Chaos decided to get a head start on conquering Earth and started by killing Donna Troy. However, Donna Troy returned from the dead as the titan Troia, and challenged Lord Chaos. The Team Titans and New Titans combined forces, and also challenged Lord Chaos. Lord Chaos opened a portal to his future and brought his troops into the past to aid him. During the fight, though, the combatants were all teleported to the Planet of the Gods, where Lord Chaos was erased and the power of the titans was removed from both Troia and her new baby. Troia was once again Donna Troy, and she and her husband Terry were reunited.


    Time of the Team Titans

    With nowhere else to go, they resided at Donna Troy's New Jersey farmhouse. The Team Titans tried to find a place in this new world. Also joining them was Battalion, who had traveled to the past as well. Shortly after that, the future version of Nightwing entered this timeline. Mirage was reunited with her lover only briefly. A dark version of Raven attacked the future Nightwing and corrupted him by planting a Trigon-seed within him. Nightwing now renamed himself Deathwing, and became violent and brutal. Deathwing visited Mirage, where he attacked and raped her. Mirage then learned she was pregnant with Deathwing's child. The Team Titans encountered new threats from present day as well as their own future timeline. Some Team Titans were allies (the female rock group Metallik) while others were adversaries (Judge and Jury). The Team Titans also encountered the power-mad Titan, Lazarium, whose schemes led the Team Titans to encounter dozens of time-tossed Team Titans.


    Zero Hour and the death of the Team Titans

     Soon, the Team Titans lives were disrupted by the time crisis known as Zero Hour. It was then revealed that the Team Titans "Leader" in the future was the villainous Monarch, former Teen Titans member Hank Hall, who created a false future world so he could train meta-humans (The Team Titans) to act as sleeper agent assassins. He knew of the impending time crisis, and wanted a super-powered army at his command. Monarch absorbed the powers of Waverider, and became the time-traveling Extant. Extant commanded all the Team Titans to attack the heroes who were trying to unravel this time crisis. His plan was thwarted; the heroes contained the Team Titans. Time continued to collapse, erasing the false time lines that had emerged. As a result, almost all the Team Titans were erased from existence.


    Post Zero Hour

    Strangely enough, three people remained unscathed from Monarch's false timeline: Mirage, Terra (actually the second Terra), and Deathwing. Terra and Mirage became members of a new Titans team, led by Arsenal. Shortly after the team was reformed, a strange orb appeared, with messages for Mirage and Terra. The orb was sent by the Time Trapper. The Time Trapper revealed that Mirage and Terra were from this timeline, not an alternate timeline, as they had thought. The two had been implanted with false memories by the Time Trapper and turned into "sleeper agents" who would fight the villainous Monarch in the coming Zero Hour event. 


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