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    Team Titans » Team Titans #1 - Childhood's End released by DC Comics on September 1992.

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    The Team Titans are a group of teenaged heroes from the future sent back in time to kill Donna Troy. But why would they want to murder one of the greatest champions in the DCU?

    Total Chaos part 3 of 9. Note: Five variant issues of #1 were released, each with a 19-page origin story dedicated to the featured member on the cover (Killowat, Mirage, Nightrider, Redwing, and Terra). The main story, part 3 of the Total Chaos crossover, is the same for each issue.

    The Electrifying Secret Origin of Killowat

    After saving Lord Chaos’ life from two rebellious Team Titans Anvil and Aurora, Charlie Watkins was promoted quite quickly in Lord Chaos’ security forces. Over time, Charlie became sympathetic to the Titans’ cause, becoming a double-agent. During a Team Titans’ mission, Charlie’s treachery was discovered by his best friend, also a guard. Charlie is killed, but comes back as an energy being and a full member of the Titans.

    The Shape-Shifting Secret Origin of Mirage

    The shape-shifter Mirage was trying to live her own life when she, her lover, and her child were the subject of a Lord Chaos raid. Mirage was captured, where her shape-shifting abilities were put to use as a brainwashed member of Lord Chaos’ guard. She becomes friends with another recruit, Abraham, whom she is forced to kill in gladiatorial combat. Mirage flees, saving the life of another meta-gene named Redbird. The two become part of the resistance.


    Lord Chaos’ forces have invaded Transylvania, and have captured a fourteen-year-old boy named Dagon. The commander of Lord Chaos’ forces, Commander Stalg, is disgusted by the natives’ belief in the superstitious vampires. To prove them a lesson, he tries to create his own vampire using the bones of Dracula. He transforms Dagon into a vampire, and, when he decides to slaughter the people, they are transformed into a huge creature intent on revenge. Dagon becomes Nightrider, and frees his people.

    The High-Flying Origin of Redwing

    Years ago, two scientists, Paul and Karen Levine fell in love and became married. They gave birth to a young daughter, Carrie, who sprouted crimson wings, and a son Jon, who had the ability to speak to machines. They raised their daughter away from society, but when Lord Chaos took power, he ordered all meta-gene people to surrender themselves to the state. The Levines refused, and Lord Chaos’ troops killed them. Jon was captured, and Redwing rescued him, with the help of the rebel Mirage.


    Terra has been recruited into the Team Titans. When the Titans ask her of her origin, she reveals that she is the daughter of the long-dead Geo-Force, the original Terra’s brother. The Titans’ mysterious “Leader” becomes suspicious, and with good reason: this Terra was created by Lord Chaos to discover the rebels’ hideout. This Terra, however, had no idea she was a mole, and turned on Lord Chaos to side with the Titans. Proving herself loyal, Terra becomes a full member of the Team Titans.

    Childhood’s End

    The mad titan from the future Lord Chaos has come to S.T.A.R. Labs to ensure his own birth. Lord Chaos, Deathstroke, the New Titans, and the Team Titans all fight each other, while Terry Long tries to get the pregnant Donna Troy to safety. Nightwing and Mirage call for a stop to the fighting, allowing Lord Chaos to escape with Donna Troy. The heroes regroup at one of Steve Dayton’s apartments, where the Team Titans tell the others about Lord Chaos’ horrible future, the future they call their home. The Titans speak of a world where Lord Chaos conquers the world, but where one hero, a member of the original Teen Titans rises up to create a resistance against Lord Chaos. This group, called the Team Titans, would stop at nothing to destroy Lord Chaos’ rule.

    While the heroes learn about the future of Lord Chaos, Lord Chaos is ensuring his existence. Lord Chaos takes Donna Troy to a hidden location to protect her while giving birth. Donna gives birth to the baby Lord Chaos, which means Lord Chaos has no more need for Donna. Lord Chaos blasts Donna as he holds his past self in his hands.


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