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Team Rocket is a large, villainous group that specialize in stealing Pokémon and trying to take over the world. Their leader is Giovanni, who, ironically, is also the 8th and final gym leader. In the anime, the main protagonist Ash and his friends often find trouble in the form of low-ranking Team Rocket goons Jesse, James and their talking Meowth. Though they are dedicated members to the Rocket cause, they are not portrayed truly evil, and are mainly there for laughs and humorous interruptions. Due to the trio's mechanical genius, they often build machines and attempt to steal Ash's Pikachu, but always end up failing and getting launched into the horizon. Despite this, they are quite persistent and follow Ash through each of his journeys, trying again and again, but failing each and every time.

In the games, Team Rocket is the primary antagonist group in the first couple gens, and again in SoulSilver and HeartGold. The player must complete several storylines and battle through their ranks. However, there is no Jesse, James or talking Meowth in the games.

Other Team Rocket Members (known)

  • Jesse
  • James
  • Meowth
  • Butch
  • Cassidy
  • Atila
  • Hun
  • Tyson
  • Dr. Namba
  • Domino
  • Professor Sabastian
  • Iron Masked Marauder
  • Miayamoto
  • Giovanni

Team Rocket Motto

Every time the trio of Rockets announce their presence, they will preform their trademark motto. In all the different gens, there are different versions of the motto. However, they all rhyme, talk of evil doing, and usually involve James holding a rose in his mouth. Butch and Cassidy also have their versions, but they only appear sparsely in the anime.

Generations 1-3 motto

Prepare for Trouble...

Make it double...

To protect the World from Devastation

To unite all peoples within our nation

To denounce the evils of truth and Love

To extend our reach to the stars above



Team rocket blast off at the Speed of Light

Surrender Now or prepare to fight

Meowth that's right

Cassidy and Butch version

To infect the world with devastation

To blight the people in every nation

To denounce the goodness of truth and love

To extend our wrath from the stars above

Cassidy and Butch

We team rocket circling earth all day and night

Surrender to us now or you surly lost the fight

Generation 4

Listen is that a voice I hear?

it's speaking to me loud and clear

on the wind

past the stars

in your ear

bringing chaos at a breakneck pace

Dashing hope,putting fear in it's place

A rose by any other name is just as sweet

when everything's worse our work is complete



and Meowth dats a name!

putting do gooders in their place

We're team rocket

in your face!


The Wobbufett at the End has changed depending on the Pokemon that decides to join in on the motto.

Cassidy and Butch version

A shrieking wine a blast from the past

Spinning like a gyro ball and molding fast

To the moon and beyond what a blast

Admidering justice at lightning speed

Bashing the bad guy should we feel the need

So here is the news flash across the wire

The real team rocket is now on fire

Cassidy and Butch

Teaching the losers a thing or two

The true Team Rocket

Us not you

Generation 14

Bringing the white light into the future

Thrusting the black hammer of justice into the black darkness of the universe

Carving our names in the rock of eternity

The fiery destroyer Jessie

And With thunderous emotion I’m James

Wisest of the wise I’m Meowth

Now gather all under the name of Team Rocket


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