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    This is a team of combat specialists led by Maito Guy, an elite jounin. Consisting of Rock Lee, TenTen and Neji Hyuuga.

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    The team known as Team Guy (Or Gai) is a combat specialist team.  They are known as a hard working team that specialises in melee combat in various areas.  They are one year older than the rest of the Konoha rookies, and more experienced.

    The team leader is Maito Guy (Or Might Guy, depending on translation) who is a Taijutsu (hand to hand combat) expert, world renowned for his mastery of close a type of combat fighting called the Iron fist technique.  he has taken it to such a level that even Itachi warned Akatsuki about his prowess, and to not take him lightly.

    Rock Lee is the protege of Maito Gai, who takes after him in the same regard that he studies the Iron Fist style of taijutsu.  He is a Taijutsu specialist, and is unable to use ninjutsu or genjutsu. He is known as one of only three ninja who can open the eight celestial gates.

    TenTen is the teams weapon master, and focuses mainly on throwing weapons.  She is able to throw shuriken and knives at incredible accuracy, lauded to be '100% accuracy'.  She is also known to be great at close quarters weapon fighting also, but tends to stick to ranged as her team mates take on close combat roles while she provides ranged support.

    Hyuuga Neji is the teams Kekkai genkai user (bloodline ability).  He is also a master of the 'gentle fist' style of combat, a technique which can only be used y the Hyuuga clan as it relies on their bloodline, the Byakugan.  He was the first o the rokie ine to become a jounin.


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