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    Team » Team Carnage appears in 23 issues.

    In Maximum Carnage, Carnage and his group of 'Family members' caused chaos in New York. Carnage, Shriek, and Doppelganger have recently reunited without Demogoblin and Carrion, but reforming the Carnage Family.

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    While Cletus Kasady (Carnage) was breaking out of the Ravencroft Sanitarium, he heard someone cheering him on as he killed the guards, Carnage became curious and tore off the door to the woman's cell, where he met Shriek, a woman just as sadistic and murderous as he.

    Eventually the two ran into Doppelganger, who Carnage mistook for Spider-Man, after a short battle between the two Shriek seperated them with a sonic blast. Shriek liked the creature and asked Carnage to let it join their 'family' as their son. The three soon came across Demogoblin, who found them by the connection he had with Doppelganger. Later, the being known as Carrion who had been following the trail of death the group had been leaving behind joined the 'family as Shriek's 'second son'. They accepted him into the group. Shriek started to show signs of rebellion against Carnage when she killed people without Carnage's concent and Carnage attacked Shriek. Doppelganger defended her but Doppelganger was killed by Carnage who threw the creature to it's death into the street, this action led to Demogoblin choosing to leave the family. Later when the rest of the 'family' was defeated, by an invention of Deathlok that amplified Dagger's powers to an extreme level, Carnage disguised a victim as himself and escaped.


    • Carnage (Cletus Kasady)
    • Shriek
    • Doppelganger
    • Demogoblin
    • Carrion (Malcom McBride)

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