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    Team » Team Batgirl appears in 9 issues.

    Originally a name used by Barbara to cheer Stephanie Brown up, it ended up being the name for her support structure.

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    While Team Batgirl got together over the course of The Flood storyline they weren't officially named until Batgirl #16. The name originally was used by Barbara Gordon to cheer Stephanie Brown after Batgirl had been framed for the murder of Newton, a student at Gotham University. Afterwards however Steph seemed to take the name to heart and began to reference herself, Wendy and Babs as Team Batgirl.

    The Team has teamed-up with other heroes, mostly sidekicks and female heroes, in their short time together.

    • Damian Wayne - Batgirl #17 they teamed up to stop a kidnapping ring. (Also teamed-up pre-Team Batgirl in Batgirl #5-7)
    • Klarion the Witch boy - Batgirl #18 on Valentines day they teamed up to find Teekl a mate.
    • Squire - Batgirl #22 while on assignment in England they saved time and space by saving the Greenwich Mean.
    • Supergirl - Batgirl #23 helps Steph defeat the Reapers. (Also teamed-up pre-Team Batgirl to fight 25 Bela Lugosis in Batgirl #14.
    • Miss Martian - Batgirl #23 helps Steph defeat the Reapers.
    • Stargirl - Batgirl #23 helps Steph defeat the Reapers.
    • Bombshell - Batgirl #23 helps Steph defeat the Reapers.

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