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Green Arrow

Green Arrow is the unofficial leader of the Team Arrow. He was once a spoiled rich boy until one day he was stranded on a island and left to fend for himself until he was rescued.

John Diggle

He is the loyal bodyguard of Green Arrow

Roy Harper/Speedy I/Red Arrow/Arsenal

He is the first sidekick and partner of Green Arrow. He left the team when they had a falling out. He is currently a member of the Outlaws.

Connor Hawke/Green Arrow/Red Arrow

He is the son of Green Arrow in the pre-52.

Mia Dearden

She is the step daughter of John King in the New 52.

Emiko Queen

She is the half-sister of Green Arrow and the daughter of Shado in the New 52.


She is the mother of Emiko in the New 52 and Connor Hawke in the pre-52.

Naomi Singh/Dart

She is tech genius and the new Dart.

Felicity Smoak

She is a new ally to Green Arrow and Diggle. She is a computer genius.

Black Canary

She was the wife of Green Arrow in the pre-52.


She is an ally to Green Arrow and a member of the Outsiders

Henry Fyff

He is a member of Team Arrow as technical support.


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