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    Team 7 was originally Kakashi's genin squad consisting of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Sai would come to replace Sasuke after he left, and Yamato filled in for Kakashi as leader under Tsunade's orders.

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    Team 7 is a great team and guarantees to complete the mission. They follow the leaf ninja way and protect their village and whom they love. No matter how deep of a mess their in they always have a mission complete. They cooperate very well with each other except when Sasuke left the team to join Orochimaru and seek more power. Sakura mostly doesn’t like Naruto because he makes too many immature jokes. When they are in a serious mission they take it very seriously even Naruto. Kakashi is a great leader to them and most of the time knows what to say.

    When they were kids Naruto was despised because he contains the nine tailed fox spirit. The first person that ever helped him was his teacher in the academy. Naruto felt happy when getting in his first squad, he felt like there is no need to hide anymore. Naruto always had a rivalry against Sasuke ever since they met. Each other trying to prove that their the better ninja. This rivalry soon became very serious. Sakura was the weakest in the group but was the best at controlling her chakra at the time.

    While Naruto and Sasuke were still in their now serious grudge, Sakura felt sad because she knew someone was going to get hurt. Sasuke is the one who has the most hate; he soon realizes that Naruto is starting to get more powerful than himself. Sasuke wanted to show who was better and wanted to battle Naruto but before then they had a great time with each other, they cared about each other during the chunin exam. They solved each mission together and were best friends, despite being rivals, but now they're enemies.


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