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    A "third wave" New 52 title, set in the time where superheroes were just emerging, Team 7 reinvents the old concept with younger versions of heroes from both the DC Universe and Wildstorm Universe.

    Issue #0 Dean Higgins-I would not care if he was blue.

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    #1  Edited By Ghostwire
    Page 19 Higgins
    Page 19 Higgins

    So I picked up Team 7 the other day, 0-3. On issue #0 they introduced the characters, the last two happened to be Amanda Waller and Dean Higgins. I honestly have no concern whatsoever what color a character is. But when they first show Dean Higgins standing beside Amanda he is the same color. I thought oh cool a black guy, there aren't many of them. Then I looked over to the next page....and he is white. It's not even the color change....from just one page, its the fact that he doesn't even look like the same character! I flipped back and forth back and forth until it drove me to write this. So I thought to myself well he is in a plane with shadowing and low lighting, maybe this is why he looked black? No, as he is the same color shade as Amanda Waller. Ok so maybe they just goofed and messed up the color for him. But then why does he look like a skinnier version of the first time we see him. In fact why does he look like a whole new character. I honestly am baffled by this. Anyway I dont care what he looks like I dont care if he is blue.....just stick to the same color and design! I mean take Beast Boy for instance he was green, now he is red. But there is a perfectly good explanation for this. Green beast boy was from a different beast boy is from prime earth of the new 52. Dean Higgins from page 19...should be the same as Dean Higgins from page 20. So I am going to stop my ranting and raging to let others see just what it is I'm complaining about.

    Higgins on the VERY next page
    Higgins on the VERY next page

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