Team 10

    Team » Team 10 appears in 26 issues.

    Team 10 is a strong team of Asuma, Choji, Ino, and Shikamaru and Kakashi.

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    Team 10 is known used for quickly taking out the opponent. Either Shikamaru or Ino disables the opponent as Choji and Asuma finish off the opponent. They can also be used as disabling a person in an espionage mission. Their mission's were supposedly very successful, as Asuma recommended them for the Chunin Exam. As a job well done and a successful mission they go to a restaurant and eat for celebration of their victory, they are satisfied and worn out, but they are still happy.

    Their Bond

    Team 10 mostly got along with each other, especially Shikamaru and Choji, they were friends before going to the academy and they are still friends after. Ino had some problems with the team because she was kind of mean and a snob, Asuma was a great leader, mostly when the squad is in trouble he just pops out and saves their lives against higher ninja. When they were Sakura, Naruto, Shikamaru were on the mission to get Sasuke from reaching Gaara, Shikamaru made a tactic that leaves one member behind, himself, almost killed and out of chalkra Asuma saves his life from being dead by sound ninja. Asuma gives advice to the team whether it hurts or not, just like when Asuma told Choji to stop eating and do some training, Shikamaru was there to help Choji. Team 10 has a great bond together.


    They solve their missions by hiding and figuring out a plan by Shikamru with his power of 200 I.Q. Shikamaru catches them in a shadow clone justu and pauses them for a kill. Another plan is Shikamaru uses his shadow clone jutsu and pauses them, and then Choji uses his size manipulation jutsu and knock them over like bowling pins with great force. If they are going against a very strong team they or trying to be sneaky or trying to get pass something No is the right girl for the job, she can use her mind translation jutsu and get into other people's body with her mind. Or they all can use their sneaky tactics and capture the enemy instead of killing them. They solve their missions sneaky, and quick, and powerful.


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