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    A male Mon Calamari.

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    One of Darth Krayt's opponents of the Galactic Empire was the Galactic Alliance Remnant, with Tealart being a part of it. He eventually became a shipman aboard the bridge of Gar Stazi's "flagship", The Imprerious-Class Star Destroyer. 
    After The Battle Of Dac, Tealart was contacted by agents of The Empire, showing him that his wife and children had been captured, blacmailing him into betraying Stazi and The Remnant, otherwise his family would become vicitims of the mass genocide that was taking over his people. Although Tealart felt dreadful about doing it, he agreed to lead Imperial Forces to assasinate Stazi. 
    Fortunately, Tealart's assasination attempt failed, as after shooting Stazi once his arm was cut off by Jedi Master Drok, and from there he was imprisoned. After explaining to Stazi his reasons for his betrayl,  Stazi got into contact with The Mon Calamari Rangers in order to inform them on the situation with Tealart's family and to ask them to do what the could to ensure their safety. 
    Despite him coming clean about his reasons, and his refret about doing what he did, Tealart was ordered to be executed for his betrayl.


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