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Teah is a member of the Split-Second Squad. She is fluent in alien languages and does translations, but she is also a member of the team and goes on field missions. At 6'10", Teah dwarfs the other members of the squad. She dates Trystan, one of her teammates.


Teah and Trystan do have their arguments. Trystan worries that she is incapable and weak, which Teah is not. On a mission against the evil Wrythe, she proves this to him by saving his life. 
It was on this mission that the portal closed them in. Alec Wagner tried to use his power to open a gate, but it was limited to how many could go inside. It closed before Teah could pass through. He searched and searched for her, but she was gone.
It is unknown if she is still alive, but the evil Mandelbrot has used her as a bargaining chip. He promised to return her to Trystan in exchange for Alec. He showed Teah's weapon as proof of his word.

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