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Turtles find the TCRI Building

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first come across the TCRI Building when they are been ambushed by Foot Soldiers in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4" comic book. Their master Splinter has just gone missing and they have moved out of the sewers (where they previously lived) with April in the apartment building owned by her. The Turtles are out to get some air in the rooftops of New York when suddenly a group of Foot Soldiers ambushes them and a fight across rooftops begins. When Raphael is about to finish the last Foot Soldier he notices something in the roof of the building next to the one they are fighting. The four letters are TCRI. The same letters that are printed in the side of the mysterious container that was responsible for their transformation.

Investigating TCRI Building

The Turtles decide to go investigate the building in the hope of getting some answer to their origins. Inside they find long hallways with just one window. After a while they find a ID-card (key-card). With the ID-card they manage to open one of the doors in the hallway and enter the room. In the room they find their master Splinter in suspended animation. At the same time the Utroms have noticed the intruders and attack the Turtles with their stun guns. The Turtles start to defend themselves and end up in the Transmat Device (like a teleporter) which transfers them to a faraway planet. The transportation causes a giant light phenomenon. The Phenomenon gets the attention of the police and the media and the Utroms seal the whole building.

Back From Space

The Utroms manages to retrieve the Turtles from space in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7". When they came back Splinter had awoken from the suspended animation and tells the Turtles that the Utroms were trying to heal him and that the Utroms have no evil intentions. They have been trying to build a Transmat Device and had just got it working when the Turtles broke into the building. The Utroms just wanted to go to their home planet. At that time the National guard had been called on to the seen. They storm in the building and the Utroms and Turtles escape trough the Transmat Device. The Utroms also blow up the TCRI Building so there would not be any evidence of their visit on Earth.


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