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T'Channa is the son of T'Challa and Lisa Hendricks both survivors of the zombie plague of earth 2149. Little is known of T'Channa but what is known is he has a son named K'Shamba and the mother of the child was the daughter of Forge.



Malcolm Cortez murdered T'Channa and his wife most likely because viewed them as rivals.



The acolyte Reynolds "revived" T'Channa by using the zombie brain of Colonel America in hopes of battling the renewed threat of the zombies. Its not known if any of the original T'Channa remains.

The battle


T'Channa fought in the battle against the zombies still believing himself to be Colonel America.



The one who killed him, Malcolm Cortez, later tricks the zombies and sends them off to and unknown reality.



As a zombie, T'Channa appears to have some degree of enhanced strenght and stamina. Its also possible that T'Channa had some other mutant power and Colonel America just isn't aware of it.



T'Channa was most likely the infant K'Shamba shown in the first Marvel Zombies series. The name change is most likely due to an editorial error as T'Channa's son is called K'Shamba.

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