Character » T.C. appears in 17 issues.

    One of the help at Angelville, as twisted as any other who lived there.

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    There are a lot of legends and myths about what goes on in the Deep South. People who watch too much Deliverance come up with all kinds of strange ideas, especially regarding what the residents of that area will and will not have sex with. Their minds cringe at the thought of men raping men, and cower at the idea that it might be worse.

    T.C. puts all of their worst fears in the shade.

    He worked at Angelville, a small estate run by Marie L'Angell near the Texas-Louisiana border. Like most of the hands at Angelville, he does his share of chores and maintenance. With his best friend Jody he does his share of mayhem and murder. But what really occupies his mind, what is foremost in every thought, is sex. He will have sex with anyone or anything that crosses his path. Male or female, animal or vegetable, willing or unwilling, alive or dead, if he has a chance, he will have sex with it.

    On an estate that was once called, "the most goddamned awful place there is," T.C. fit right in.

    Together with Jody, he tracked down Christina Custer, the daughter of Miss L'Angell, who had run away from that horrible place. They found her in Texas, along with her husband John Custer and their young son, Jesse Custer. T.C. and Jody threatened to start killing if the three of them didn't come back to Angelville, and so they did.

    When John Custer tried to spirit his family away from Angelville some years later, T.C. and Jody caught them, and shot John in the head. When Jesse misbehaved and had to be punished by being locked in a coffin in the swamp, T.C. was there. When Jesse's best friend Billy-Bob Bobbs caught T.C. having sex with a chicken, T.C. killed him.

    And when an adult Jesse and his girlfriend Tulip were brought back to Angelville, T.C.'s sexual proclivities were used to make Jesse bend to his grandmother's will. Together with Jody and Miss Marie, he thought Jesse was beaten.

    They were all, of course, wrong.

    Jesse regained his senses, and his Voice of God, and beat the tar out of T.C. Then he went after Jody.

    Tulip, despite being shot in the head from point-blank range, was alive - resurrected by God. And she was very, very angry. She grabbed a shotgun, pointed it at T.C.'s head, and very happily blew it off.


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