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Tazzik is a Salarian mercenary working for the Shadow Broker.


Mac Walters
Mac Walters

Tazzik was created by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller.

Character Evolution

The oversized Salarian
The oversized Salarian

Tazzik is a Salarain which is an Amphibian race known to be small in stature. Normally Salarians are lacking in their combat ability and have to rely on intelligence to survive. Tazzik seems to be the exception to this rule by appearing to be much larger than most Salarians and sporting a completely different type of armor. He also shows an extensive ability in handling firearms as well as hand to hand combat.

Major Story Arcs

Mass Effect: Redemption

Tazzik first appears as an agent of the Shadow Broker who has been selected to collect Commander Shepard's body from the Blue Suns mercenary group on Omega Station. Unknown to Tazzik at the time an Asari named, Liara T'Soni was also looking for Shepard's body with the assistance of another Broker agent named Feron. While the Blue Suns are attempting to load Shepard's body onto Tazzik's ship they come under attack by Feron and Liara. The Blue Suns and a mishap by Feron involving an old turret cannon Tazzik manages to escape his pursuers. He later is seen again at the Shadow Broker's base on the planet Alingon overseeing the transaction of Shepard's body to the Collectors.

The transaction is going as planned until Feron shows up and causes some confusion by telling Tazzik that the Shadow Broker has decided to back out of the deal with the Collectors. Tazzik still believes that Feron is working for the Shadow Broker, and when he is unable to contact the Shadow Broker he calls of the exchange until things can be sorted out with the Broker. It is unknown to Tazzik though that Feron and Liara had disabled the bases communication. The Collector which is being controlled by the Reaper known as Harbinger releases control for a moment and uses the collector general to contact the Shadow Broker who is speaking with the Broker directly. When the Broker reveals that it was not him to cut off their deal, but a ploy by Feron and Liara to steal Commander Shepard's body Harbinger once again possesses the Collector interacting with Tazzik and reveals Feron's betrayal. Tazzik turns on Feron and Feron attempts to retaliate, but ends up being beaten by Tazzik. During their brawl, Liara managed to steal Tazzik's ship and escape with Commander Shepard's body. Tazzik remains behind with Feron to hand over the trecherous drell to the Shadow Broker.

Other Media

Mass Effect 3

Tazzik has a very brief mention in Mass Effect 3. After the events of Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC in Mass Effect 2, Feron is released and becomes Liara's right hand man. During the events of Mass Effect 3 the player can go inside Liara's cabin on the Normandy and read the emails on her terminal. One of the emails is from Feron where he mentions tracking down Tazzik and remarking with humor to the look on his face when Tazzik was told that he had to be Feron's bodyguard by orders of the Shadow Broker. Tazzik reluctantly agrees and is accompanying Feron on investigations in the Terminus Systems.

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