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    Taurus Bulba is the first villain Darkwing Duck has ever faced. He was the CEO of Quackwerks. He is a cyborg and is currently presumed dead

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    Taurus Bulba was a very powerful Criminal genius who was in prison for his crimes. However, he was still running his criminal organization inside of prison. He assigned his lackeys Hammerhead, Hoof and Mouth to steal the Waddlemeyer Ram Rod before the army took control of it. His henchmen were able to steal it off the train it was being stolen off of, though they had their first encounter with Darkwing Duck. Unfortunately, the device was useless without the activation code and the man who knew them (and the creator of the device:), Professor Waddlemeyer had been killed by Hammerhead and friends. Their only hope was to get information from Waddlemeyer's granddaughter, who he had raised like a daughter, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer. When Hammerhead (and company) tried to kidnap Gosalyn, Darkwing stepped in and saved her. Bulba, having identified Darkwing's weakness (his pride), sent out a Morse code message saying he would surrender only to Darkwing. However, it was a ruse to find out his hideout and upon identifying that location, which is Audubon Bay Bridge, he sent his men there. Darkwing goes to save Gosalyn and, with the help of Launchpad, defeats Bulba and his team. In anger, he orders his secretary, Clovis, to set his ship to auto-destruct. The explosion destroyed the top of St. Canard Tower.

    Darkwing Duck and company survived and Hammerhead was seen later on. However, the Ram Rod was destroyed and Bulba was presumed dead.


    Taurus was created by Tad Stones for the pilot episode, Darkly Dawns the Duck, for what would become the Darkwing Duck tv series.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Steerminator

    In a turn of events, the Fiendish Organization of/for World Larceny (Also Known As F.O.W.L.) recovers what was left of Bulba's body and rebuilds him into a super equipped even more maniacal cyborg version of what he had been before. F.O.W.L. High Command hoped Bulba would replace Steelbeak as their cheif agent and fight against the forces of S.H.U.S.H. However, Bulba was never one to take orders from anyone, so he attacks them and nearly destroys F.O.W.L. Darkwing and Gosalyn, the people he wanted revenge agianst for making him like this, join the fight against Bulba and defeat him a second time. Bulba to evade capture, swearing he would get his revenge.

    The Duck Knight Returns

    It has been a year since the Duck Knight stalked the streets defeating villains like Megavolt. In that time, the corporation known as Quackwerks has taken over St. Canard, replacing the police force with Quackwerks Crimebots. Everyone works for Quackwerks, villains and heroes. Drake Mallard had retired the personae of Darkwing and focused mainly on his job at Quackwerks to pay Gosalyn's school bills. Everyone had grown used to the corporation enforcing laws and doing the jobs they once did.

    However, Darkwing and Gosalyn's seemingly ordinary current life is interrupted when Quackwerks Crimebots kidnap (or is that Ducknap?) Honker Muddlefoot claiming he had illegal downloaded music. A mysterious voice orders him to read one thing: the entire English language. Darkwing investigates Quackwerks, finding that there is no offical founder to the the organization but everyone came together for some reason. After Darkwing reunites with not only Launchpad and Gosalyn, but also the members of the Fearsome Five (who they play a game of cat and mouse), they are all captured by Crimebots. When they reawaken, they are surprised to discover the true person behind Quackwerks: Boris Badenov! no! Taurus Bulba!

    Bulba reveals after a chaotic fight that he created the coperation to not only control its citizens but also to use people like Honker to unlock the new password on the Gizmo Duck armor. He also revealed that the Quackwerks Logo is actully Darkwing's profile.

    Following this startling revelation, his plan was foiled by Gosalyn saying the new password to the armor: "keen gear". He then becomes the hero Gosmo Duck. With her new found power, Gosalyn and Darkwing are able to defeat Bulba. The Gizmo Duck armor was used to depower the nefarious villian.

    He is currently believed to be dead, but this was belief was held before, so one can never quite tell with Taurus Bulba!


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