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    Member of Tektos. He is the brother of Base, his power allows him to bring the tattoos on his body to life and use them as weapons, spies, or allies in a fight.His extra arms are a result of further genetic experimentation by Oonagh Mullarky.

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    Tattoo is a mutant with the ability to animate the tattoos on his body and other two dimensional images his blood has come into contact with into physical beings, or weapons (his snake tattoo becomes an actual snake, his sword tattoo becomes an actual sword and so forth) It is not clear if this power only works on his own tattoos, or if he can also implement this power on other 2-dimensional images. Like his brother Base he was sold to the Yakuza as a child when their mutant abilities first surfaced, and also like Base, he was eventually experimented on by MyS-Tech scientist Oonagh Mullarky and his animation powers were enhanced to new levels, further engineering also gave him two extra arms (unless of course the extra arms are actually animated Tattoos as well).

    Unlike his brother though, Tattoo became a villain, acting as a member of a group of other enhanced mutants known as Tektos.

    During Tektos final battle with Genetix, Tattoo was buried alive by his brother Base, and it is unknown if he managed to survive.


    Tattoo was created by Graham Marks, Andy Lanning and Phil Gascoine in 1993 and first appeared in Genetix # 2.

    Other Media

    Elektra (2005)

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    Tattoo was played by Chris Ackerman in the 2005 film Elektra... minus the extra arms of course, though his other powers remained unchanged. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the character from this movie is a different Tattoo, though neither the powers or gender of that character are the same. So this guy is the Tattoo of the Elektra movie, same gender, same powers. Tudo Sokuto has no connection to Elektra or The Hand in the comics, so his inclusion in the film was strictly a creative decision from those involved with the project.

    Tattoo is likewise featured in the Junior Novel adaptation of the Elektra movie.


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