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Brief History

He seems to be a normal guy but he's very talented at drawing tattoos and he's a mutant. It has been revealed that he is the one giving Ink his powers. León is the man responsible for powering the team known as the "Y-Men." It was also revealed that it's not the tattoo that gives someone power, it's what he himself wants the tattoo to do. He once gave a woman a rose tattoo, thinking about how great it would be if she actually smelled like one. After giving Ink a tattoo of the Phoenix Force León slips in to a catatonic state.

Powers and abilities

León Núñez is a mutant with the ability to assign superhuman abilities to others based on symbols he imprints onto the bodies of others. The powers are limited only by León's imagination as he determine's what the tattoos are able to do depending on what symbol he tattoos.

However, should he give an overwhelming amount of power to a single person or to a large quantity of people (such as the Y-Men), it causes a strain on his body tremendously and could even cause him to die.

Heres a list of powers Leon has given other people with his Tattoos

Ink (Eric Gitter) - Biohazard symbol on his hand, causing nausea and vomiting if applied to someone's face.

- Colossus' lines on his arm giving him super strength

- Wings on his back giving allowing him to fly.

- "psychic" lightning bolt giving him mind reading powers.

- Explosion on his bicep allowing him to punch through walls

- Caduceus on his hand used for healing.

- Phoenix Force over his eye imbuing him with the power of the Phoenix Force. The powers of course are not the actual Phoenix Force but only what Nunez imagines what the Phoenix Force is and that it has the ability to do almost anything. This tattoo cause an exhaustion in Núñez's powers, putting him in a catatonic state. Should he ever awake, it's believed that Ink would lose the power.

Y-Men - Bomb on Julio Rodríguez hand giving him an explosive punch.

- Shield on Julio's other arm giving him invulnerability

- Light ray around Carlos Rodríguez's eye giving him laser vision.

- Cheeta spots on another Y-Man giving him super speed and sharp claws and teeth.

- Dragon tattoo granting fire breath

- A gun tattooed on a Y-Man's hand allowed him to fire energy from his fingers.


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