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    Good Scare, Philosophically Impaired

    As someone who turns to horror comics as a respite from the world of capes and cowls regularly, I was very much looking forward this title hitting the shelves.  I will say, before anything, that it at least met my expectations.  The visuals throughout the book were strikingly vivid, an essential for horror comics, which don't have the benefit of accompanying music or studio-edited timing to manipulate the way the audience experiences the frights.  The panels around the origin of the Tattered Man, overtaking the body of a random thug to manifest as a force of vengeance in a world of injustice, are particularly worth spending some time on or checking out another time after reading the whole issue.  Norberto Fernandez produced on of the creepiest comic-book creatures I have seen in some time with his creation of the Tattered Man on the page, a hulking spirit wrapped in the shredded uniforms of a group of Holocaust-camp prisoners executed even after the war in Europe was drawing to a close.

    The story, though, suffered from a few unfortunate shortcomings.  Most of the problems came from the length.  Much longer than a typical one-shot and not long enough to be a full graphic novel, Palmiotti and Gray tried to do too much in the space given.  More attention needed to be given to the origin of the monster.  While we understand its initial emergence during the Holocaust, its reappearance in the modern world as the result of a break-in gone bad has a clunky, haphazard justification.  It felt much more like forced storytelling than lazy storytelling though.  The book could benefit from another 30 pages, either making it a full graphic novel or saving other components for follow-up issues, leaving this book to focus more on the legend and origin of Tattered Man and create more space to connect Nazi concentration camps to the human host of the harbinger of retribution.  The lack of that connection left the story missing an element that could have made a good comic great.  I'm left wondering why the collective souls of murdered Jews choose a minor meth user to become the embodiment of their fight against evil.  The villains slain by the ghost are the typical rogues gallery of street criminals, rapists, drug dealers, and thieves, which seem moderately petty for the reincarnation of the victims of one of the worst tragedies in human history.  Would these souls really come together just to "clean up the streets" with righteous moral absolutism?  It seems to me like the Tattered Man would have a larger mission than wiping out run-of-the-mill "bad guys,"  especially given the suffering they experienced as a result of Hitler's final solution.  Again, more space in the book could have allowed this to happen.  What I was left with then, unfortunately, was the feeling like the real victims of the Holocaust and their story had been exploited for the sake of a convenient plot device.  It doesn't do their pain justice to funnel them into a ghost that kills the evil without recognizing that the Holocaust was a completely different kind of evil than drug addicts accidentally killing a few people while looking for a fix.

    The book is worth a read, especially if you like a quick horror shot in your week, but I hope that it picks up enough interest that maybe it can be written out a little deeper rather than standing alone as it is now.

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