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    Tatsuo is the leader of Clan Tatsuo, a yakuza crime syndicate compromised of cybersamurai. He is also the grandfather of Opal Tanaka, former girlfriend of the X-Man, Iceman.

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    Tatsuo is the leader of the Clan Tatsuo, also known as the Cybersamurai within the Japanese yakuza. Cruel and unyielding, he enslaved the widow of his only son whom the younger Tatsuo married secretly in defiance, unaware of the child this union produced until much later.


    Lord Tatsuo was created by Louise Simonson.

    Major Story Arcs

    Powerful Clan Leader
    Powerful Clan Leader

    Tatsuo discovered the whereabouts of his granddaughter Opal Tanaka and had his men abduct her. He wanted a blood heir and she was to be married to any of his men she wanted. In the end she was most interested in Hiro but Tatsuo was poisoned by her mother Shizuko and rescued by Iceman of X-Factor.

    He would survive and later ally with fellow criminals Matsuo Tsurayaba, Nyoirin Henecha and Shinobi Shaw. Though Tatsuo disproved of Shinobi, he knew that he needed allies to take over the Japanese underground with Mariko as head of the Clan Yashida.

    Tatsuo sent his men to kill Hiro who failed to stop the intruders and avenge him, Hiro having gone rogue and abandoning the clan.

    In his criminal endeavors Tatsuo also allied with the mutant Fatale and battled the hero Nomad.


    Lord Tatsuo is a trained samurai and is highly skilled in combat. Extremely intelligent, his superior skills in leadership and cunning has him held in high regard by other leaders in the Japanese yakuza crime underground.

    Physical Characteristics:

    Eyes: Black

    Hair: Grey

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 190 lbs


    Shizuko (daughter-in-law)

    Opal Tanaka (granddaughter)

    Robert Tanaka (great grandson)


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