Character » Tatsumi appears in 23 issues.

    Tatsumi is the main protaganist of the manga Akame ga KILL.

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    Tatsumi was created by Takahiro and Tashiro Tetsuya.

    Major Story Arcs

    After leaving his village with his friends Ieyasu and Sayo in high spirits to join the Imperial army so they can save their village from starvation, they later got separated by a bandit attacks. Once arriving at the capital he immediately attempts to join the army, only to be denied the rank of captain which he desires and is thrown out.

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    After losing all his money to Leone he becomes homeless and penniless and is forced to live on the streets, which is when he meets Aria, a high class girl, who convinces him to stay with her at her home for the night.

    Later that night Aria's parents are killed by Night Raid. Tatsumi attempts to protect Aria from Akame, only to discover that she has been killing and torturing innocents including Sayo and Ieyasu, he kills her.

    A few days later and after a lot of convincing Tatsumi finally decides to join Night Raid. During his first battle with Night Raid he is saved by Akame.

    During his first assassination assignment he is tasked with killing Ogre, a corrupt captain who frames innocents for murder.

    Personal Data

    Physical Attributes

    • Hair: Hazel
    • Eyes: Light Green


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