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    Tatsumaki, also known by her hero alias, Tornado of Terror, is the S-Class Rank 2 hero of the Hero Association and another hero, Fubuki. She's a Loli and an Esper, individuals of various races who naturally awaken, possess, and harness psychic powers. Tatsumaki is also recognized as one of the Hero Association's most powerful heroes and also one of the most powerful characters in the series.

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    Tatsumaki is a petite woman, commonly mistaken for being much younger than she really is. She has an adolescent face with emerald green eyes and green hair that naturally curls up on the ends. She wears a form-fitting black dress with long sleeves and four high-cut leg slits that show off her legs and low-heeled black shoes. She is occasionally drawn in ONE's simplistic webcomic style.


    Tatsumaki is generally rude and spoiled, usually with a disrespectful attitude. She is quick to be offended and especially dislikes being belittled or ignored. This was seen when she violently retaliated against Genos, blasting him to a wall for calling her a brat after she insulted Saitama continuously. She is extremely arrogant, and places great faith in her powers, and thinks she can defeat anyone and anything. Despite this, however, she is dutiful and makes a point of defeating monsters for the Hero Association. She is protective of her little sister Fubuki and cares for her deeply.

    She is usually bad at socializing and making friends and rarely converses with people other than Fubuki unless she has to. She is willing to help innocent people, and will never hesitate to defeat monsters. She takes great pride in being a hero, and when was incredibly bored when the Hero Association had no assignments for her, as seen on her day off.



    King is one of the few heroes that Tatsumaki respects. She is impressed with King's supposed power and dedication to his hero activities such as when King spent the night in Z-City wiping out monsters. Despite this, she is still willing to berate King when she is annoyed, such as when King suggested contacting Metal Knight to take down the Dark Matter Thieves' spaceship as he does not have any attacks that can reach the spaceship.


    Tatsumaki's younger sister and fellow esper. Fubuki highly respects Tatsumaki but believes she would be on top if not for her and Sweet Mask. Tatsumaki highly criticizes Fubuki for having followers and losing to Demonic Fan and Do-S but still saved her from both monsters. Tatsumaki believes her actions make her a great sister and she is unaware of how strained her actions have made their relationship, all while Tatsumaki is also too proud to admit that she genuinely loves her younger sister.

    Tatsumaki cares deeply about Fubuki, as she didn't wish for her little sister to participate in any battle believing that she could get hurt. After seeing Fubuki's injuries for healing Genos, Tatsumaki was furious and immediately wanted to know who hurt her sister before she was corrected. Though dismissive and believing that Fubuki can't possibly assist her in battle, Tatsumaki did show a moment of somberness when Fubuki declared that she wanted to save Tatsumaki as a hero and was momentarily happy.

    Flashy Flash

    Flashy Flash and Tatsumaki have an unpleasant relationship with one another just like how she treats other S-Class heroes. However, he appears to not be afraid of her and is willing to scold her back whenever she insults him.

    Child Emperor

    Despite his confidence in her power, Child Emperor greatly dislikes Tatsumaki's arrogant and selfish attitude and lack of strategic thinking since she thinks she can take on the entire Monster Association and the Human Monster Garou by herself to the point of berating the needs for a whole group S-Class heroes as a support in the operation.

    While being polite from the outside, he is not above thinking of her as a brat rather than an adult. However, he seems to be very respectful to her as he offered her some orange juice in one of Yusuke Murata's art. Tatsumaki doesn't seem to like it, but she's not opposing it either.


    Tatsumaki at first had a strained relationship with Genos due to their conflicting personalities. His devotion to Saitama irritated her, especially when he would ignore her in favor of listening to his master. She only ever referred to Genos by his hero name "Demon Cyborg" and smashed him into walls or sent him flying on several occasions. While Tatsumaki's opinion of him wasn't that high, she was still ready to offer him her drink when she was unable to finish it.

    However, during Tatsumaki's battle with Psykos and Orochi, Genos intervened to assist her. Tatsumaki was initially annoyed by his interference, but it became apparent that Genos gave her the chance to rescue the rest of the heroes and regain her bearings. Because of this, she sincerely complimented Genos and began demonstrating a newfound sense of respect for him. The two would later cooperate with each other along with Drive Knight in the continued battle against the fusion, and after Tatsumaki was exhausted from over-exertion, Genos carried her out of danger multiple times. When he took damage saving her from Black Sperm, Tatsumaki expressed concern for him and even called him by name. She seemed relieved and amused when Genos explained he had his body's defenses upgraded since she last smashed him into a wall.


    Tatsumaki seems to have some respect for Bang as she stood down when Bang told her to. Bang respects Tatsumaki but is often irritated by her immaturity and her violent tendencies.

    Sweet Mask

    Tatsumaki has no respect for Sweet Mask, nonchalantly stating to him that she and the rest of the S-Class hate him and telling him he was too weak to join the strike team for the raid on the Monster Association and that he should stick to the support team. During the raid when Sweet Mask was informing her of the brainwashed mercenaries he had killed in battle and the monster association executive he was currently hiding from, Tatsumaki reiterates his clear lack of ability for this kind of fight and his incompetence in properly dealing with said mercenaries and executive.


    In their first encounter, Tatsumaki didn't think much of Saitama due to his ranking and would insult him. She was even insulted by him ignoring her. Saitama mistook Tatsumaki for a child due to her small stature and found her to be annoying. It is revealed in an audiobook that the two actually met in a haunted house at a festival Saitama worked at. Saitama thought Tatsumaki was a lost child and Tatsumaki called him a balding samurai and thought he was a ghost when her powers didn't work on him.


    Due to Blast saving Tatsumaki when she was younger, Tatsumaki highly respects Blast. Blast would console Tatsumaki after saving her, telling her that she still has a sister that needs her protection and to ultimately not expect someone to come to save her when the time comes. Tatsumaki would unintentionally heed this advice a bit far, distancing herself from everyone but her sister Fubuki. The memory of Blast saving her and his advice for her would provide her with the will to continue fighting Psykos and Orochi despite momentarily fainting due to injuries. The two would later join the Hero Association (not together) and are the two highest-ranked heroes in the association.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tatsumaki is among the strongest characters in the series, and she is the strongest esper thus far. She is one of the most powerful heroes in the Hero Association, as evident by her rank of S-Class rank 2. She is lauded by the Hero Association and is believed to powerful enough to take on Garou in his pre-monster form.


    Tatsumaki is adept in telekinesis and she's the most powerful Esper in the series. She is strong enough to move meteorites from space, and easily stopped a barrage of city-busting missiles, and then repelled them back at the ship that fired it. Using her telekinesis, she has the ability to fly at dazzling speeds and can levitate herself and other objects.

    Psychic Barriers

    Tatsumaki can use her telekinesis to erect powerful barriers and shields, or even redirect physical attacks. She can also use psychic binding to suppress the powers of another Esper, and her durability is strong enough to resist attacks from Dragon-level monsters.


    Tatsumaki uses psychokinesis to levitate and fly through the air at high speeds.

    Physical Abilities

    Tatsumaki stops the bombardment from the giant spaceship

    Immense Speed and Reflexes: Tatsumaki possesses extreme levels of speed and reflexes. She was fast enough to react to and save the other S-Class heroes from multiple missiles fired from Boros's spaceship. She was also able to dodge multiple energy attacks from the fusion of Psykos and Orochi, an extremely powerful monster that can shoot energy beams that can cut through the Earth's surface in seconds.

    Enhanced Stamina and Endurance: Tatsumaki possesses a high level of stamina and high pain tolerance. She was able to remain conscious and continue fighting even after having exerted herself from using too much power. Against the fusion of Psykos and Orochi, she managed to create a massive psychic barrier that its size seemingly almost enveloped the entire Z-City as well as maintain it while still suffering injuries from the battle. Additionally, the exhaustion only left her unconscious for a very short time before being able to rejoin her battle against the fusion monster. Even while severely weakened and injured, she was strong enough to break free of Fubuki's grip and stop Fuhrer Ugly, an executive of the Monster Association with her psychokinesis, requiring a great deal of effort from the monster to break free.


    As the most powerful esper in the series, Tatsumaki possesses extreme skill in wielding her psychic abilities, whether it be for offense, defense, or miscellaneous uses. Her knowledge about psychic powers is also as vast as her skill in wielding them. Instead of relying purely upon brute force, Tatsumaki has demonstrated the ability to strategize by creating a dummy of herself to distract Psykos while flying discretely beneath Psykos to target a weak point.

    Major Story Arcs


    Her psychic abilities eventually led to her being taken away from her adopted family at the age of seven by scientists interested in studying her powers. Her parents were given money for complying. She was tested on by the scientists because of her extraordinary powers. They rewarded her with candy and toys for cooperation but denied her requests to go outside. Moreover, the scientists locked her up in a cell whenever she wouldn't use her powers. 18 years ago, when she was 10, a monster outbreak occurred while she was still locked in a cell, leaving her alone to fend off the monster.

    Luckily, Blast managed to come to Tatsumaki's rescue. He then introduced himself to the young esper and questioned her on why she didn't use her psychic powers to save herself. Tatsumaki answered that her powers weren't working, but Blast realized that she was lying because she held it back so that the scientists would deem her useless and let her go. Tatsumaki admitted this, due to being heartbroken by her parents for selling her out. Blast also somehow realized that Tatsumaki still had her little sister, giving her advice not to expect anyone to save her next time, and be strong to protect her only family.

    Rumored Monster Arc

    Tatsumaki visits the Z-City branch of the Hero Association to see if she can investigate the restricted area of Z-City. However, she is informed by the Bearded Worker she didn't need to come since the Association thought that an S-Class wasn't necessary for the job. She leaves, calling the worker an idiot. Later, after both Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio return badly injured, Tatsumaki is enraged and yells at the worker saying she should have gone. The worker shows her a picture of the destruction, saying even she might have had a hard time. Tatsumaki tells him she could handle it then calls him an idiot again.

    Alien Conquerors Arc

    Tatsumaki is sent to the mountains by plane to fight the Ancient King, only to be called back to the Heroes Association Headquarters by cellphone, which angers her greatly. She quickly ends the fight by sending a meteor crashing down on the Ancient King. Tatsumaki later meets Saitama at the Hero Association HQ due to Bang inviting him to the Hero Association S-Class Meeting. She becomes indignant at his presence, asking who let Saitama in, pointing out that he is a lower-ranked hero, and accusing him of only coming to the meeting to see the S-Class heroes up close. A perplexed Saitama mistakes her for a child and asks if she is lost, prompting Genos to explain her identity. Genos observes that most of the S-Class Heroes have arrived and goes to take his seat, causing Saitama to ignore her, much to her chagrin. Upon the meeting's inception, Bang asks what the heroes were called to the meeting for, to which Tatsumaki states that she had to wait for two hours without hearing an explanation.

    During the alien invasion of A-City, Tatsumaki prepares to set out to engage with the enemy and their aircraft. Because of King's moniker of "The Strongest Man on Earth", fellow S-Class hero Superalloy Darkshine asks for King's opinion on how to deal with the spaceship, but King states that they can't do anything due to the ship being too far away. Tatsumaki deems this answer pathetic and decides to take down the UFO alone, rudely declining Genos's offer to assist. At the site of the Heroes' engagement with Melzargard, the aircraft of the Dark Matter Thieves fires cannons towards the ground in an attempt to eliminate Bang, Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, and Puri-Puri Prisoner, only to be intercepted by Tatsumaki, who redirects them back at the aircraft. In the midst of the battle, Tanktop Master attempts to help her by throwing concrete blocks at the enemy, until he realized that Tatsumaki's psychic ability can do more than Tanktop Master could ever accomplish on his own. The spaceship eventually falls, though she is not convinced it is because of her doing. After the fight is over, Saitama bursts out from the wreckage and is asked by Tatsumaki if he came on his own. He ignores her and starts a conversation with Genos. Angered by being ignored, she starts insulting Saitama and slams Genos against a wall after he addresses her as a brat in retaliation. Bang stops her when she is about to attack Saitama, telling her to act properly as an S-Class hero.

    Monster Raid Arc

    Tatsumaki causes an explosion in the city where Do-S and Fubuki are fighting. When she arrives, she immediately tells Fubuki to go home and that she will handle the rest. Do-S orders her love slaves to attack Tatsumaki as a distraction as she escapes. Tatsumaki immobilizes all of the love slaves and tells Fubuki that they will only get in her way and not call them her allies. She then takes off to find the rest of the monsters.

    Super Fight Arc

    She later appears arriving in I-City, killing a wounded Hundred-Eyes Octopus, much to the chagrin of Flashy Flash. She berates the heroes and then leaves as Flashy Flash tries to argue with her. Tatsumaki is one of the heroes seen fighting against monsters when Suiryu is calling for help.

    Monster Association Arc

    She is shown to be summoned by the Hero Association to attend meetings to prepare for the operation of attacking the Monster Association. With her usual superiority complex, she brags that the Monster Association is just a bunch of cowards and if they were not, they wouldn't prove a match against her. When she is briefed about the situation by Sekingar, she suggests reducing Z-City to rubble to kill all the Monsters while disregarding the life of the hostage. The S-Class heroes, Tatsumaki, Child Emperor, Kamikaze, Pig God, Flashy Flash, Superalloy Darkshine, Zombieman, Puri-Puri Prisoner, and Sekingar attend a meeting and they reassure Narinki that they will rescue his son. They each receive a transmitter that will show their location to each other. She gets into an argument with Sweet Mask on who wants to lead the strike force. Ultimately, the situation is calmed by King who arrives from Z-City. The Monster Association strike team head out to Z-City to confront the Monster Association. At the ghost town within Z-City, the battle begins as Tatsumaki fights Evil Eye. She kills the monster, twisting it into oblivion. She heads into the Monster Association HQ at her assigned route. Later she is seen challenging Gyoro Gyoro. She manages to quickly gain the upper hand over Gyoro Gyoro in their fight. She puts up a barrier to protect herself from Orochi's electricity.

    When she hears Orochi was killed by a bald dude, she wonders if it was Darkshine. At the end of her fight with Gyoro Gyoro, she tears a humanoid figure out of its body and realizes that Gyoro Gyoro is really Fubuki's friend turned enemy, Psykos. Tatsumaki quickly realizes that the humanoid is nothing more than another meat puppet and that Psykos's actual body is located deep underground. She quickly locates Psykos and pulls her up in spite of the latter's attempted resistance. After momentarily questioning Psykos on Tareo's whereabouts, the two clash, and Tatsumaki easily restrains Psykos and interrogates her for intelligence. After receiving the requisite intel, Tatsumaki briefly argues with Sweet Mask via transmitter regarding the fate of Narinki's Private Squad but is cut off by Orochi, who reappears and attacks. As Tatsumaki fights Orochi, she wonders if he's a cadre and expresses frustration at the inability of the other heroes to rescue Tareo, stating it would be easier if she could just destroy the base. When Psykos forces Orochi to merge with her, Tatsumaki continues fighting but quickly realizes that Psykos's psychic power has increased substantially. She sustains moderate injuries in her struggle to hold Psykos and Orochi off but receives word from King of Tareo's safety. Tatsumaki declares that she no longer needs to hold back and begins to unleash her full power. Using the location of the transponders, Tatsumaki encloses the underground heroes in psychic barriers and lifts them up to the surface, with the exceptions of Zombieman, Flashy Flash, and Saitama, who do not have transponders on them. After ensuring their safety, she pulls the Monster Association base aboveground, flying out of a building moments before the fusion between Psykos and Orochi emerges. Tatsumaki notices that Psykos is absorbing energy from the tendrils on her and Orochi's lower body. She attempts to drill through her now that they're outside but is shocked when Psykos unleashes a beam of incredible destructive power, momentarily cutting off a sliver of the planet. Tatsumaki wonders where Psykos's power is coming from, and when told of Psykos's plan to absorb every life form, deems it stupid and mocks her. When Psykos attacks, Tatsumaki flies between the energy beams of her dragons, staying high above the surface as to keep the line of fire away from the ground.

    She notices King leading Tareo away from the battle and mentally praises him for leaving the battle to her. She then lifts several large rocks out of the ocean and hurls them at Psykos, attempting to trap her. Psykos break out, and a whirlwind of rocks and energy fills the sky as the two unleash their power. However, Tatsumaki then decides to create a dummy using rocks and imbue it with her esper power to distract Psykos amidst the rocks flying everywhere. While Psykos attacks the dummy, Tatsumaki flies to the bottom of the uprooted Monster Association base and enters one of the tendrils of Psykos and Orochi's root system, muting her psychic signature as to not be detected. She then flies up to Psykos's main body, commenting on how it's hollow from the inside, and quickly destroys it by twisting it. She then decides it's time to pull out the infiltration squad, extricating Atomic Samurai and Puri-Puri Prisoner from the building. However, before she can finish the job, both her hands are impaled by the blades of Psykos and Orochi's quickly-reforming body, and she is hit with a powerful jolt of psychic power. Psykos charges up another powerful energy beam, but Tatsumaki is saved by Genos, who launches an energy beam of his own to intercept. As Genos takes on Psykos and Orochi, Tatsumaki angrily tells him to get out of the way, stating that King left her this responsibility. Genos responds that King only left her the job until Saitama's arrival, adding that it's the disciple's duty to help with the teacher's work. He then tells her to attack Psykos and Orochi's bodies while he handles her energy beams, and the two heroes begin their battle against the monster.

    Psykos attempts to attack Tatsumaki with another energy beam, but Genos counters it with beams of his own and tells Tatsumaki to hurry up and rescue everyone else. She does so, pulling out Child Emperor, Sweet Mask, Superalloy Darkshine, Fubuki, Bang, and Bomb. Psykos attempts to finish off a now-weakened Genos, but Tatsumaki blocks the energy beam and tells Genos he did a good job, although he rudely responds that he didn't do what he did for her. Tatsumaki then restrains Psykos and twists the entire city in an attempt to fully destroy Psykos's monster form. Suddenly, blood spurts from her nose, and her psychic power begins to fluctuate due to her overusing it. Psykos transforms Orochi's remaining form into a jet and flies away, simultaneously releasing a smokescreen and creating a number of decoys. Tatsumaki counters this by creating a large barrier around the battleground, preventing Psykos from escaping. Psykos attempts to fire an energy beam through Tatsumaki's heart but realizes too late that she attacked a decoy. Upon finding Psykos, Tatsumaki prepares to fight, but their battle is interrupted again, this time by Drive Knight, who has transformed himself into a fighter jet. While Drive Knight and Genos protect an unconscious Tatsumaki from Psykos, she has a flashback to when Blast rescued her 18 years ago, remembering Blast's advice to not expect anyone else to save her. She wakes up to Fubuki sending her a telepathic message that she and the S Class are coming to rescue her. Tatsumaki says to not underestimate her and locks on to Psykos and Drive Knight's signal coming from inside a tunnel. She collapses the ceiling in an attempt to impede Psykos, but this is ineffective as Psykos quickly transforms her jet to maneuver around the debris.

    After shaking off Genos and Drive Knight's attacks, Psykos proceeds to fire an energy beam in a final attempt to eliminate Tatsumaki, but the beam is intercepted by a massive boulder thrown by Tanktop Master. As the remaining S Class heroes attack, Tatsumaki prepares to finish Orochi, pulling a rock formation in the shape of a spear out of the ground. She charges up the spear with psychic energy and launches it at Orochi while spinning it rapidly, shredding the monster to pieces. The spear drills into the ground all the way to a mysterious altar. When asked by Atomic Samurai if Flashy Flash was still underground, Tatsumaki states that he wasn't down there, thinking to herself that she sensed a warp in space that swallowed someone up and wondering if Blast had anything to do with it. Later on, Tatsumaki is being chased by Homeless Emperor, who creates and sends countless energy spheres after her. In the stream of lights, she manages to create a decoy and swap it with her before being seemingly corned and defeated. Tatsumaki then appears in front of Bang, Bomb, Fubuki, and Genos, in an exhausted and weakened state. She is then aware of Fubuki's injuries and becomes enraged at believing that Child Emperor and Sekingar let her sister participate in battle despite telling them not to before, and proceeds to angrily ask Fubuki who had made her suffer. Fubuki, however, replies to her that it was Fubuki's own doing, with Tatsumaki calming down and telling her sister to leave. Shen then pushes Fubuki back when her sister tries to stop her from returning to fight. Despite Tatsumaki disregarding her, Fubuki still wants to save her big sister as she is a hero while attempting to restrict her movements using telekinesis. Tatsumaki frees herself from Fubuki's hold on her and binds her along with Bang and Bomb with the same psychic technique and leaves them after responding to her sister that while she is happy that Fubuki has indeed grown, she cannot afford to think that she will be saved by anyone, leaving Fubuki in tears for not being able to stop her sister.

    She then soon arrives where Pig God and Tanktop Master are at, and manages to stop Fuhrer Ugly from killing one of the members of the Narinki's Private Squad by restricting the monster's movements with her telekinesis. This buys the other two heroes time to save all the mercenaries, Bushidrill and Okamaitachi. However, due to Tatsumaki having been heavily injured and in a weakened state, she is unable to hold back Fuhrer Ugly any longer as the latter escapes her bind and knocks her back to a nearby rock, where the monster then walks up to her after defeating Tanktop Master.

    Before Fuhrer Ugly can get his hands on her, Bang and Genos arrive at the scene, with the former distracting the fat monster by attacking Gums, saving Tanktop Master from the gluttony monster, and causing Fuhrer Ugly to switch his focus on the martial artist. After Bang and Genos manage to save Tatsumaki and the tank-top hero from the two Dragon-level threats, she is being carried by Genos to her sister's whereabouts, hoping Fubuki to heal her injuries.

    Other Media


    A New Wind Blows

    Tatsumaki appears after the victory of the Demonic Fan against the Blizzard Group and Fubuki herself. There, she degraded a still conscious hero as useless and takes care of the Demonic Fan in a blink of an eye, though she realized how it was able to defeat her sister. After its defeat, she left along with the injured Fubuki, leaving the hero perplexed.

    Tatsumaki's Day Off

    She goes through her daily hero work but complains about the Hero Association's over-reliance on her to a staff member. The following day, she receives no duty calls and is told by the Hero Association staff that she complained to the previous day that she has the day off. However, much to Tatsumaki's displeasure, this lack of work leaves her bored. She decides to go after monsters anyway and uses news coverage as her informant. This leads her to Z-City, but the monsters she wished to go after were already killed by Saitama. After this incident occurred multiple times, Tatsumaki became infuriated and rushed to the next alert as fast as possible and completely decimated the wolf-level monster when she reached it. Finally feeling relieved, she flies off.


    The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things Happening

    As Fubuki and Genos were trying to stop a train that was about to explode, Tatsumaki appears and lifts the whole train moments before it arrives at the station and it explodes in the air. After she was done, she asks Fubuki why she didn't run away, only to get a passive answer and leaves.

    The Murder Case That Is Too Impossible

    After the invasion of the Dark Matter Thieves, the Hero Association invited all of the S-Class heroes to a hot spring. There, Zombieman was murdered and Child Emperor was trying to figure out who did it. As Tatsumaki was frustrated by the lack of progress, she decided to restrain everyone, until Zombieman woke up. After hearing that Zombieman was stabbed by a sword with green light, just like hers, she denies it. Later when Child Emperor and Sitch went to look at the video footage, it was revealed she did stab Zombieman while being heavily drunk, because she was insulted by Saitama.

    Audio Books

    A Summer Festival with Tatsumaki

    Tatsumaki is first heard buying candy apples. She then goes into a haunted house and encounters Saitama and is scared when her powers don't work on him and mistakes him for a ghost.

    Sonic, Becoming Saitama

    Tatsumaki is summoned to the Hero Association for a mission when she runs across Speed-o'-Sound Sonic disguised as Saitama. Tatsumaki questions Kamikaze on why Sonic is there and is annoyed that a weak B-Class was summoned for the mission. Sonic, not understanding who Tatsumaki is, believes that she used her cuteness to make it into S-Class. Tatsumaki demands Sonic leave which he does with his smokescreen shuriken leaving her coughing. Kamikaze and Tatsumaki stumble upon the corpse of Energiser with Saitama nearby. Tatsumaki pesters Saitama over killing the monster meant for them and insults Saitama over his bald head for revenge.

    Video Games

    One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

    Tatsumaki is a playable character in the video game, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

    Grand Summoners

    Tatsumaki is one of the various characters able to be summoned. She provides support by paralyzing opponents, boosting allies' abilities, and increasing magic resistance.


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