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Tatsumaki is a small, dainty, and petite woman with a childlike appearance, despite her real age of 28. She is fair-skined, and has bright green eyes and curly green hair. She wears a black skin-tight, figure hugging dress with high cut flaps and long sleeves.


Tatsumaki is generally rude and spoiled, usually with a disrespectful attitude. She is quick to be offended, and especially dislikes being belittled or ignored. This was seen when she violently retaliated against Genos for calling her a brat, after she insulted Saitama continuously.

She is extremely arrogant, and places great faith in her powers and thinks she can defeat anyone and anything. Despite this, however, she is dutiful and makes a point of defeating monsters for the hero association. She is protective towards her little sister Fubuki, and cares for her deeply.

She is usually bad at socializing and making friends, and rarely converses with people other than Fubuki, unless she has too. She is willing to help innocent people, and will never hesitate to defeat monsters. She great takes pride in being a hero, and when was incredibly bored when the hero association had no assignments for her, as seen on her day off

Powers and Abilities

Tatsumaki is among the strongest characters in the series, and she is the strongest esper thus far. She is one of the most powerful heroes in the hero association, as evident by her rank of S-Class rank 2. She is lauded by the hero association, and is believed to powerful enough to take on Garou in his pre-monster form


Tatsumaki is adept in telekinesis, and is the most powerful esper in the series. She is strong enough to move meteorites from out of space, and easily stopped a barrage of city-busting missiles, and then repelled them back at the ship that fired it. Using her telekinesis, she has the ability to fly at dazzling speeds, and can levitate herself and other objects.

Psychic Barriers

Tatsumaki can use her telekinesis to erect powerful barriers and shields, or even redirect physical attacks. She can also use psychic binding to supress the powers of another esper, and her durability is strong enough to resist attacks from Dragon level monsters


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