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    In the Star Wars Universe Tatooine is an arid planet on the outer rim. Tatooine was home to both Anakin and Luke Skywalker as well as Jabba the Hutt.

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    Tatooine is an arid planet, thanks to its twin suns Tatoo I and Tatoo II and is mostly inhabited by moisture farmers who are not native to the planet itself. It is usually known for being a planet led by its own inhabitants though it was once under the control of the Sith. However, for many years up until the time of Luke Skywalker it was controlled by the Hutts, the last of which was Jabba the Hutt.

    List of Those Who Have Been on Tatooine and the Events Concerning Their Life on Tatooine

    Boba Fett: At one point, Boba Fett came to Tatooine while performing his bounty hunter duties, and so he remained in Jabba the Hutt's court for some time, never taking off his Mandalorian armor. So it was that when Luke came to Chewbacca, Leia and Han's rescue he found himself facing the greatest bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe. Yet, surprisingly, Boba Fett was defeated accidentally by Han Solo who was blinded. So he fell into the Pit of Carkoon where he is caught by a Sarlacc. Eventually he manages to escape, and regain his title as the Universe's greatest bounty hunter.

    C-3PO: The droid known as C-3PO was originally created by a young child named Anakin Skywalker, on the planet of Tatooine. However, at that point of his "life" he still was "naked" as he had no plating yet still he functioned to his full capacity. But C-3PO was not left on Tatooine when Anakin departed for Coruscant. Rather he left the planet and over the course of many years was upgraded in appearance to the droid he is now. But many years, and a wiped memory later, C-3PO returned to Tatooine. This time it was with his new owner, Leia Organa (Skywalker), none of them knowing his own past. He went on an excursion with R2-D2 and performed tasks for Luke Skywalker, going through many trials and tribulations. But eventually he once again left the desolate planet of Tatooine to resume his job as a translator droid as adventure just wasn't for him.

    Chewbacca: Chewbacca went to Tatooine as part of the plan to save Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt. Chewbacca was needed so that it could appear Leia was a bounty hunter and had brought him in for the money. So he was temporarily housed in Jabba's prison cells, an experience he did not enjoy. But in the end, Han Solo was rescued and Chewie left the planet fully intact and unscathed.

    Darth Maul: It is in the deserts of Tatooine that the Jedi and Sith have their first encounter in many years. Darth Maul representing the power of the Sith versus Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi representing the weakness of the Jedi. Though the fight was short, it was the Sith finally coming out of the shadows and revealing themselves. Darth Maul proved himself to be far more adept at fighting than either of the Jedi and most likely would have defeated them had they not been departing in their spacecraft during the confrontation. However, the next time they would meet the Jedi would no longer be caught off guard, leading to Maul's downfall.

    Darth Vader: Anakin Skywalker was born and raised on the planet Tatooine as a slave. It was his mother Shmi Skywalker who cared for him and often worried about his joy of pod-racing. It was on Tatooine that he created the droid that would become C-3PO but his dreams came true when some Jedi arrived on the planet and discovered his potential to wield The Force. So, he was won from his owner, Watto by the two Jedi at 9 years of age and not long afterwards became the Padawan of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He late returns to the planet on his own when he has visions of his mother's death but he arrives too late to save her from the Tusken Raiders. In his grief and anger he lashes out, mercilessly slaughtering the entire Tuskan camp, and leaving no survivors and so begins his journey into the Dark Side of The Force.

    Han Solo: Han Solo arrives on Tatooine after Jabba puts up a bounty for him and Boba Fett seeks the reward. Han Solo is frozen in carbonite by Darth Vader and then delivered to Jabba by Fett. Han Solo is left to decorate Jabba's Palace as a trophy until Leia releases him from the carbonite, though he remains blind for several hours. So it is that he barely gets to enjoy Tatooine and when he is to be fed to a Sarlacc instead he accidentally defeats Boba Fett. He is then rescued from the desert planet, his sight fully restored and his debt to Jabba off his back.

    Jabba The Hutt: Jabba the Hutt is in a sense the ruler of Tatooine seeing as it is on the Outer Rim and outside of the Republic's control. He is a mighty crime lord and known for providing both smugglers and bounty hunters a job. It was because of his imprisonment of Han Solo that Luke, R2, C-3PO, Leia, Lando and Chewbacca all risked their lives to infiltrate Jabba's Palace. However Jabba proved himself to be too powerful for Luke's using of The Force and Leia's disguise. So he made Leia his sex slave for her punishment and denied Luke his request for Han's freedom. Eventually this led to a confrontation that resulted in his death when Leia choked him with the chain that had once bound her to the slug.

    Jar Jar Binks: Jar Jar Binks comes to Naboo as a tag-along of the Queen's Court, he soon proves himself to only be able to get into trouble and so it is decided a close eye needs to be kept on him. Whether or not he matures any on his short stay on Tatooine is not known, however it is known that for at least short periods he did learn the error of his ways.

    Lando Calrissian: Lando Calrissian, another criminal much like Han Solo was came to Tatooine when Solo needed to be rescued from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt. He infiltrated Jabba's Palace by wearing the guise of a mercenary. Eventually he too aided in the saving of Han Solo and escape from Tatooine.

    Luke Skywalker: Despite being born elsewhere, soon after his birth Luke was brought to the home planet of his father, to keep him safe and hidden. He was left with his father's relatives(Owen Lars) and watched over throughout his maturing years by Obi-Wan Kenobi. So Luke lived the life of a moisture farmer for many years, all he was told of his origins is that his father Anakin was murdered by Darth Vader. Eventually however things began moving ahead quickly for the young man and he learned the truth of "Ben" Kenobi and was given a lightsaber after the discovery of his force potential.So it was that Luke then left Tatooine, and like his father began a life far different from one from the one he had. A life that anyone who dwelt on Tatooine might never imagine.

    Padme Amidala: Padmé Amidala first came to Tatooine unintentionally when she was advised to leave Naboo, the planet she ruled, because it was being conquered by the Trade Federation. She was only fourteen at the time, and the ship she and her crew were in needed to land, their only choice was Tatooine where they could hopefully repair their ship and continue their journey to Coruscant. Once there she meets a young nine year old boy named Anakin Skywalker who seems to be the only worker at the shop the two Jedi accompanying her seek. Anakin reveals himself to be very knowledgeable about ships, and a boy with many dreams one of which is that he will marry the beautiful angel before him, Padmé. At points it seems she doubts Anakin during her stay on Tatooine and is worried when all the money the Jedi possess is bet on Anakin winning a pod-race, something he has never done before. Yet he succeeds and the two leave Tatooine together, unsurprisingly he does become her lover, her secret husband and father of her children (Luke and Leia).

    Obi-Wan Kenobi: Obi-Wan first comes to Tatooine when he is Qui-Gon's Padawan and there he meets Anakin. He almost seems jealous of the boy, as Qui-Gon pays far more attention to him than to Obi-Wan. Yet it is many years later after he has trained Anakin and nearly killed him that he brings his son Luke Skywalker to Tatooine and takes up residence on the planet. He watches over Luke in secret for many years, retaining all the knowledge he had of Anakin and the time before the Empire. Obi-Wan eventually takes Luke under his wing while on Tatooine, gives him a lightsaber and teaches him a bit about The Force and his father.The two then depart to save Princess Leia, however, Obi-Wan is killed by Darth Vader before he ever gets the chance to return to Tatooine.

    Princess Leia: Princess Leia travels to Tatooine (not knowing its the home planet of her birth father) in her efforts to rescue her lover, Han Solo. She brings Chewbacca in for a bounty to make her disguise as a bounty hunter more convincing. However, when she frees Han from his carbonite in the dead of night she is caught by Jabba and his court. As punishment for her acts, she is made Jabba's sex slave and so stripped down to next to nothing and chained to Jabba. She is forced to do his bidding but when Luke mounts an attack on Jabba's court she proves her ferocity when she strangles Jabba with the chain that held them together. She then proceeds to be rescued by Luke throughout the ensuing battle and she eventually leaves Tatooine, only to learn of its importance to her family later.

    Qui-Gon Jinn: When Qui-Gon Jinn is made the leader of the Queen's Court, which is fleeing Naboo he convinces the group that they need to land on Tatooine to repair the ship and with some talking the Queen agrees. It is here that Qui-Gon meets the boy he has been searching for for years, Anakin, the one who he believes will fulfill The Prophecy. He plans to train the boy, though his Padawan Obi-Wan thinks it unwise, yet still Qui-Gon puts his full faith in the boy. And when parts are needed it is he who agrees to have Anakin win a pod-race so they can buy parts for their ship but that is only if his mother allows him. As a bonus, he makes a deal with Watto (cheating on his part) to get Anakin freed when he wins the race. So Qui-Gon leaves the planet having experienced some significant events including the combating of a Sith Apprentice and acquiring of a potential Jedi.

    R2-D2: R2-D2 first arrives on Tatooine alongside his "master" Padme Amidala and it is there that he meets two of his greatest companions in the future, Anakin Skywalker and C-3PO. R2 returns to Tatooine many years later with a mind-wiped C-3PO when he goes there in his effort to find help for Princess Leia. Unfortunately he is captured by Jawas and sold to the Lars family. Owen Lars puts the mischievous droid in the care of Luke Skywalker but R2 sees the boy as being no help to his mission and instead seeks out "Ben" Kenobi. Luke is forced to chase after R2 and so both of them meet up with "Ben" resulting in Luke learning a little of his heritage. So it is that R2 then leaves Tatooine again only to return a third time when Han Solo is in need of being rescued. R2-D2 plays an important part in the rescue of the smuggler and proves how valuable he really is.

    Sebulba: Sebulba is an alien inhabitant of Tatooine who has lived their his entire life. He is known to be one of the dishonest, low-lives of the planet and considered to be one of its greatest pod-racers even though he cheats to win. Because of this he is also a young Anakin's rival and almost ends up being the cause for Padme and the Jedi being trapped on Tatooine as their escape depended upon Anakin's win. Yet Anakin eventually succeeded in the race, winning his first match and defeating Sebulba once and for all.

    Shmi Skywalker: Shmi Skywalker is known to have been a slave of Watto for many years, yet most of her past before the arrival of Padme Amidala and her crew on Tatooine is unknown. She was very protective of her son, Anakin, and always wished the best for him. She was often worried about him, as his hobbies were not things she felt a normal boy should be doing, like pod-racing. Yet when Qui-Gon Jinn gave Anakin a chance at a better life she gave her consent for him to leave her on Tatooine as a slave while he could live his dreams. She eventually was freed from remaining a slave but it was not long afterwards that she was captured by Tusken Raiders whose tortures ended up killing her. She died on the planet of Tatooine, in the arms of her son who had returned for her, a little too late.

    Watto: Watto is an alien who has accomplished very little inside of his life besides becoming lazier and gaining weight. He was the slaver of both Shmi Skywalker and Anakin up until the point that Padme and the Jedi arrived on Tatooine and won Anakin from him. Watto kept Shmi as his slave for some time after that but eventually he gave up on her and lost her to the Lars family. When Anakin returned to save his mother he learned this and also learned that Watto had become overweight since the last time they had seen each other.

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