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Tater met Dr. Rottwell and his family sometime after the doctor's first meeting with Wolverine. Tater soon realized that Baylee Ann was his soul mate/ possible sister.


Tater was created for Cullen Bunn's Rot story arc.

Major Story Arc


For more information see: Rot

When Wolverine is used as puppet by Dr. Rottwell, to kill innocent victims and harvest their brains, he tracks the doctor to his family Estate. When he get close he is ambushed by Tater, Baylee Ann, and Charlie Chainsaws. After Baylee Ann shoots Wolverine in the face with a shotgun, Tater stabs him and starts cutting into the downed Wolverine. Wolverine is able to escape the three, and when they try to track him down again, Wolverine gets the drop on Tater. Wolverine cuts Tater to ribbons but with Tater's dieing breath he says "Dream...Dream a Dream of Pretty Prey and Blood Red as Rage." This phase is a trigger put into Logan's head by either Weapon X or Dr. Rottwell himself.

Tater dies but Logan is now paralyzed, and is taken back to Dr. Rottwell's Estate house. Tater's corpse is there to watch as Dr. Rottwell tortures Logan. Later when Logan believes he has escaped, he is in fact mentally taken over by Tater's soul/essence.

Tater is in control of Logan's body when the FBI and Melita Garner show up, and Tater is in control of Logan's body when he tracks down to kill Melita. Tater does lose control and is banished from Logan's body when it looks like Tater will kill Melita.


It should be noted it is unclear if Tater has a power that let him control Logan's body or if it was part of Dr. Rottwells programing that made Logan believe he was Tater with Logan's body.


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