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    Tataka is a pure Hindu demon that has the power of evil itself.

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    The Titans head to India to help that Solstice because her parents have mysteriously vanished. Red Robin instructs the team to split up but Tim soon regrets that decision when he and Superboy come under attack by Tataka, a Hindu demon. The rest of the Titans converge on Tim’s location but none of them stood a chance and Tataka kidnaps Wonder Girl along with her mother. Tataka teleports both women to her own dimension and Wonder Girl is laid out on a stone slab for Virdha, another Hindu demon.

    Fortunately, the Titans jumped through the portal that Tataka left behind when she made her escape. Now, the Titans must locate their lost teammate and the others. During their search, the Titans find Wonder Girl’s lasso and come under attack by a group of creatures led by Tataka. The Titans didn't stand a chance until Raven unleashed her powers. Unfortunately, the blast from Raven's power seperated Tim and Ravager from the rest of the group. Tataka takes advantage of the situation by shape shifting into Ravager in order to gather intel on the Titans. As for Tim and Ravager, they are brought before Rankor, the chief Hindu demon who wants to know why the Titans have come to his realm of existence. 

    Beast Boy becomes the temporary leader of the Titans and sends Kid Flash to scout the area while the others establish a camp. Kid Flash eventually finds Rankor's castle and the location of where his teammates are being held but instead of reporting back to Beast Boy, Kid Flash decides to rescue the captured Titans by himself. Rankor gets wind of a trespasser and captures Kid Flash then places him with the other captives.  
    Meanwhile, Tataka begins to flirt with Superboy as Ravager but he rejects her advances which angers Tataka. Tataka reveals her true form and calls in Khara, Rankor's most skilled demon warrior. The demons attack Superboy and the rest of the Titans try to help Superboy but they fail to defeat the demons once again. This time, the demons take Superboy and Raven as their captives which leaves Beast Boy with Solstice. Solstice and Beast Boy use a series of stealth tactics to reach their fellow Titans. The Titans are reunited along with the other captives and the Titans begin their final assault on the Hindu demons. The Titans weaken Rankor and his forces long enough for Solstice to unleash her full potential. Rankor surrenders and allows everyone to return their own plane of existence.     


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