Tasslehoff Burrfoot

    Character » Tasslehoff Burrfoot appears in 38 issues.

    The Kender named Tasslehoof Burrfoot is the thief from the Heroes of the Lance. He is affectionately nicknamed "Tas."

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    He travels with the other Heroes of the Lance in the Chronicles Trilogy as they search for weapons against the Dark Queen.  He along with Fizban, a wizard discover the return of both Good and Evil dragons to Krynn.  He later destroys a Dragon Orb and flies with the Gold and Silver Dragons as they use the Dragonlances against the Black, Green, Red Dragons of Evil.   
    In the Legends Trilogy after the defeat of the Dark Queen, he is accidently sent back in time to Pre Cataclysm Istar with Caramon to stop Caramon's twin Raistlin from gaining enough power to enter the Abyss to challenge the Dark Queen.   Using a repaired time traveling device, he accidently affects Raistlin's spell as he's about to open the Portal.   Tas and Caramon are sent to a future where Raistlin has won and defeated all the Gods of Krynn, creating his hourglass constallation in the sky of Krynn.  Tas is last seened at the end of the Trilogy with Caramon in their correct timeline after Raistlin gives himself up to close the Portal.  
    Tasslehoof is killed years later in the Summer of Dragons Flame when the Mad God Chaos steps on him.   
    Decades later in the Soul of War Trilgoy Tas returns as a mistake that could alter Krynn. After the death of Takasis, he is reunited with other Heroes of the Lance as they pass into the River of Souls.


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