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    A veteran member of the Justice League and the Global Guardians, Hugh Dawkins was born with therianthropic abilities.

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    human Hugh
    human Hugh

    Hugh Dawkins was born with an uncommon metahuman ability, to transform into a therianthropic Tasmanian devil. His family had a tough time accepting him for who he was: an openly gay, mutant-born shape-shifter. It wasn't until Hugh's differences saved his father's life that he would find approval in his family's eyes.

    A joking retelling of his origin implies that he was the son of a were-devil that belonged to a sect of Tasmanian devil-worshippers who, in exchange for the sale of his soul to a tasmanian devil, was granted a magical Tasmanian devil amulet as he was injected with radioactive Tasmanian devil musk that was freely given by a race of alien Tasmanian devils.

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    The defender of his homeland, Dawkins worked alone until recruited into the Global Guardians, then later, the Justice League International, the Ultramarine Corps., then another version of the Global Guardians. Tasmanian Devil encountered Hush, who was at the time posing as Bruce Wayne. He did not realize that it was Hush. Recently, Tasmanian Devil was brutally killed by Prometheus (who started to hunt down members of Global Guardians, successfully killing Gloss and Sandstorm) and then turned into a rug.

    Tasmanian Devil was subsequently resurrected by Malavar when his remains were placed in a Lazarus Pit. The newly resurrected Tasmanian Devil has a new fur coat since he was skinned by Prometheus. The team made up of Congorilla, Mikaal Tomas, Animal Man, Rex the Wonder Dog, and Malavar held the fringe group of so called Freedom Fighter gorillas at bay while the Lazarus Pit was resurrecting Tasmanian Devil. The Tasmanian Devil is a reserve Justice League now that he has been resurrected, and was seen during the battle with Eclipso.

    It is unknown what his status is in the Global Guardians. He has yet to reappear since the 2011 New 52 relaunch.


    Hugh is a pacifist, wishing to avoid fighting if possible, but becomes a more aggressive when transformed. He is otherwise friendly, gregarious and compassionate. He has a habit of speaking in Australian colloquialisms.

    Hugh is a vegetarian in his human form, but a pure carnivore when transformed.


    Tasmanian Devil has good relationship with most of his colleauges. He is noted friends with Tuatara, Seraph and JLA liason Joshua Barbizon (with whom he fell in love at one point).

    He once had a crush on Hal Jordan, earning both ribbing by the Flash and Elongated Man upon it's discovery.

    He is currently in a relationship with Mikaal Thomas, the Justice League's current Starman.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tasmanian Devil is able to turn into a Tasmanian devil based therianthrope at will. He is fast, strong, and his claws and fangs are able to rip through steel. He has also demonstrated the ability to expand his muscles and increase his strength in case of emergency in the past.

    In his initial incarnation, Hugh wore a black, full body Tasmanian devil styled suit with a giant 'T' emblem as opposed to possessing actual therianthropy.


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