So Taskmaster gets his hands on some Super Soldier Serum...

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How dangerous do you think he'd be?  Currently he's an olympic level athlete, but were talking about increasing his abilities to the absolute peak of human perfection. 
The one thing that's really been what has held Taskmaster back from being a top tier villain, in my mind anyway, is his one weakness, his own body.  Now supposedly the Super Soldier Serum enables your body to never tire from physical activity.  He can already enact a form of super speed by performing moves he's watched in fastforward, although that wipes him out pretty fast.  Now just imagine him never having to stop moving at that speed, plus being able to move faster because of the SSS. 
Add onto that his increased strength, agility, and durability on top of the fact that he knows pretty much every fighting style (and has probably watched them in fast forward), can work any weapon (he's also got Bullseye and Hawkeye's aim so the man doesn't often miss), and can replicate any physcial feat he sees. 
So, I'll pose the question again.  Just how dangerous would Taskmaster be?

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