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    Tashigi is a sword-loving member of the Marine forces and second-only to Smoker. She's determined to defeat Roronoa Zoro and claim his swords. After the timeskip, she is able to use Armament Haki (Busoshoku Haki) to some degree as well as use Soru, one of the Rokushiki techniques. She along with her superior Smoker have been transferred to G5 Marine branch and has been promoted to the rank of captain.

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    Tashigi is a girl from the East Blue. She's been training to use a sword since she was little and dreamed to be a world class sword fighter. She faced a lot of challenges and many who thought her dream was impossible becasue she was a girl, but Tashigi refused to listen to them. She trained hard and loved to study the famous meitou blades of the world.

    When she grew up, she joined the Marines and wishes to rescue the famous swords of the world from those who would use them for evil purposes. She was later assigned to work under Commodore Smoker at Loguetown as an Ensign. It was there they captured the East Blue pirates who were trying to reach the Grand Line.


    Tashigi (たしぎ, Tashigi) is a supporting character in the One Piece series that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. She would later appear in the Lougetown Arc that began in Volume 11.

    Her first appearance was in One Piece Volume 11 CH. 96 "Greatest Evil of the East".

    Similar to Kuina, Tashigi's name comes from the name of a flightless bird called the Common Snipe (田鴫, Tashigi) found in Northern Europe and Northern Asia. This reflects her frustration of not being able to reach her dream. However, Oda has stated, "Though a bird cannot fly, it does not mean it never will.".

    Character Evolution

    Major Story Arcs

    Loguetown Arc

    Tashigi was stationed in Loguetown when she ran into a swordsman with green hair and a harsh face, who possessed the Wado Ichimonji. He joined her to pick up her Shigure sword and he was looking to buy two more. Using three swords reminded her the the Pirate Hunter Zoro. While helping him find a proper sword she was amazed at how he handled himself with the blade. He selected the Sandai Kitetsu, and the store owner gave him the Yubashiri.

    While aiding Commodore Smoker on the raid to capture Straw Hat Luffy and Buggy the Clown in town, She saw the man she met earlier was Zoro. She challenged him to a duel while they were trying to leave. He accepted and defeated her with ease by disarming her, but didn't move to strike her down. She was angered that he was going easy on her and demanded to know if it was becasue she was a woman. Suddenly, Zoro got angry and was accusing her of copying a dead friend. This only insulted her more, but he still escaped to lease with his crew. Tashigi joined Smoker to hunt down the Straw Hats in the Grand Line.

    Baroque Works: Little Garden Arc

    It was during their hunt that Tashigi and Smoker captured a man called Mr. 11, who was a member of a secret organization called Baroque Works. Tashigi took Mr. 11's Kashu katana, and they learned that the Straw Hat Pirates were heading for the kingdom of Alabasta.

    Baroque Works: Alabasta Arc

    To their surprise, Tashigi and Smoker ran into the Straw Hats' captain, Monkey D. Luffy, in harbor town Nanohana. They caught up again in the city of Rain Base, but Tashigi lost Smoker. After he was found, he told her how the Alabasta civil war was a set up by the Warlord, Sir Crocodile. Tashigi ran into Zoro there, but he ran away when he saw her. Smoker was leaving and gave her complete command of their forces.

    In the capital city Alubarna, Tashigi arrived just as the civil war was beginning. While in the street, she ran into the king Cobra Nefertari being led by the Baroque Works vice-president, Nico Robin. Robin defeated her and her men with her Devil Fruit power and left, Crocodile later came walking by and mocked her weakness before he left. When Luffy was chasing after Crocodile, he asked her where he went, and she pointed the way.

    After Crocodile was defeated and the war ended, Tashigi found the entire Straw Hats unconscious in the streets, but she refused to let her men capture them. Smoker welcomed her at their ship, and Captain Hina was there. She gave her report and went to her room. Smoker only told her that if her tears were so painful then she needed to get stronger. She later learned that high-command was crediting Crocodile's defeat to Smoker and her.

    Eneis Lobby Arc

    Some time later, Smoker and Tashigi were on an island after defeating a band of pirates. News arrived that the Straw Hats were being blamed for the destruction of the World Government island, Enies Lobby. Luffy's bounty was raised and Zoro now had his own wanted poster and bounty.

    Impel Down Arc

    The hunt for the Straw Hats was postponed as all command forces were called back to Marineford HQ for the public execution of Portgas D. Ace, the 2nd Division commander in the Whitebeard Pirates.

    Marineford Arc

    Smoker and Tashigi were among the fighters against the Whitebeard armada during the Paramount War. She tried to help Smoker capture Luffy when he appeared, but his escape was aided by the Warlord, Boa Hancock.

    After Admiral Akainu killed Ace and Whitebeard was killed by Blackbeard and his crew. Tashigi was again witness to the craze that came in war. Despite Ace being killed, both sides were fighting like mad to wipe out the other. No one was tending to the injured and dying. The war only ended when another member of the Four Emperors, Red-Haired Shanks, arrived with his crew, and he threatened to become involved if the Marines continued to press.

    Dawn Island Arc

    With the Marine HQ still under repairs, Smoker met with Admiral Aokiji to request his team be stationed in the New World, the second half of the Grand Line. They were given permission, but the Straw Hats had gone missing for two years and were presumed dead.

    Fish-Man Island Arc

    In the two years that had passed since the war on Marineford, Tashigi reached the rank of Captain, and is a member of the G-5 Branch, along with the now Vice-Admiral Smoker. While on their patrol near the Red Line, several pirate ships began popping out of the water. While Tashigi deflected the cannon fire, Smoker interrogated some of the pirates they captured. They had all been freed from slavery on Fish-Man Island by the Straw Hat Pirates.

    Punk Hazard Island Arc

    Tashigi and Smoker waited at a nearby island, but the Straw Hats never appeared. They intercepted a call that the Straw Hats were heading to Punk Hazard, an island that was suppose to be off limits. When they went to investigate, they found a lab still in use, and were greeted by the new Warlord, Trafalgar Law. A battle erupted when several of the Straw Hats came running out of the lab surrounded by children. Law defeated both Tashigi and Smoker, and he used his powers to switch their minds and bodies. Tashigi was in Smoker's body but couldn't control his Smoke-Smoke powers.

    They tried to attack later, but the leader Caesar Clown defeated the Marines, Straw Hats, and Trafalgar Law. While captured, they learned that Vice-Admiral Vergo was a spy for the Warlord, Donquixote Doflamingo. Caesar put Tashigi and all the others outside to die from a poison gas that Caesar was covering the island with. Law escaped his chains, put Tashigi and Smoker back, and they agreed to defeat Caesar, Vergo, and save the children they were experimenting on. Once inside, Tashigi eventually fought with Roronoa Zoro against the powerful Snow-Snow abilities of Monet.

    Zoro carried the injured Tashigi as the labs were filling with the poisonous gas. After catching up with the children and everyone, the group escaped the mountain labs on a giant rail cart. With Caesar Clown captured, there was a huge celebration. She met with Nami and pleaded to let her care for the kids. Tashigi then escorted the children back to the base to be taken care of as Smoker stayed behind.

    Powers & Abilities


    Tashigi is a trained sword fighter of extraordinary skill in combat. It's unknown how long she has been training to use the sword, but she aims to be a strong sword fighter, despite the gender bias women are often faced with. Tashigi trains relentlessly to always improve and get stronger. She can even deflect a cannonball with her sword.

    Six Powers

    The Six Powers (六式, Rokushiki) is a style of martial arts that was developed partly to counter the incredible powers of Devil Fruit users. There are six basic attacks that are taught in the Six Powers, and it's unknown just how many Tashigi has been trained to use.

    • Shave: The Shave (剃, Soru) technique is an ability to travel at short distances at incredible speeds. The user is so fast they seem to disappear. This is excellent for evading attacks.


    Haki (覇気, Haki) is a power that is possessed by all people, but few can actually use it. It's often unique to those with a strong enough will to control. This power is even strong enough to cancel out the powers of Devil Fruit users, but even they can use this skill. There are three basic forms of Haki, and Tashigi has only been seen to be able to use one.

    • Armament Haki: The Armament Haki (武装色, Busoushoku) technique is a skill that surrounded the body of the user like an invisible armor. This can also be projected outward when striking to cause even more damage than normal. This power can even completely cancel the abilities of the powerful Logia Devil Fruit users. Since this power can be extended to the user's weapons, Tashigi uses it with her sword.

    Weapons and Equipment


    The Shigure (時雨) is one of the Wazamono Grade Swords of the world, and the preferred blade of Tashigi. It has a green braided handle, a four-pleated guard, and white sheath with green braided grip. It's unknown where she obtained this sword, but she takes great care of it.

    Other Media


    One Piece (1999)

    The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. Tashigi's first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 48 "The Town of the Beginning and the End! Landfall at Loguetown". Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Junko Noda, and the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation is performed by Monica Rial.


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