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Last Laugh

Dan Spiegle's artwork is outstanding. In addition to providing his usual fan service by being a walking shirtless scene, Korak becomes a dude in distress in this story. While investigating the disappearance of a comic film star, Korak is taken prisoner by soldiers of an intensely xenophobic town. With his hands tied behind his back, our hero is thrown into a prison cell. There he discovers the comedian, who promptly unties the boy. In this two-part story, Korak comes across as a handsome boy scout in a leather loincloth. He has a good heart that propels him into action, often impetuously. Fortunately, he has strength, agility, and intelligence to back it up. In this first part, he goes in place of his heroic father to an intensely xenophobic town to investigate the disappearance of a former comic movie star.

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