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    Considered a living engine of death and destruction, the tarrasque is a colossal and virtually unstoppable monster. Its interpretations vary throughout fantasy lore.

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    Its exact origin is uncertain, but it is believed that the tarrasque is some hideous abomination unleashed by the dark arts or forgotten, elder gods to punish creation. It is hoped that there is only one tarrasque in existence.

    The tarrasque spends most of its time dormant, sleeping in a deep, underground lair. Its sleeping periods range anywhere from a couple of months to a thousands of years. When the tarrasque awakens, it erupts from its underground lair, terrorizing the surrounding area, destroying and devouring everything in its path, killing any who oppose it, and ultimately turning the area into a barren wasteland. The older the tarrasque gets, the longer its periods of rest seem to last, but it never seems to weaken or lose its lust for destruction.

    Despite its inherent destructiveness, the tarrasque is considered to be neutrally aligned, as it possesses a low intelligence and therefore lacks the mental capacity to differentiate between good and evil.

    Powers & Abilities

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    The tarrasque needs to eat constantly and savors its desire to destroy. It can swallow enemies whole, even relatively giant ones. It's heavily armored, with tremendously hard and thick skin, as well as a strong, spiked carapace which gives it excellent protection from melee damage and can also deflect many forms of spells. It possesses sharp claws, horns, and spikes with which it can attack, but generally will either simply crush or devour its victims.


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