Tarot's Mother

    Character » Tarot's Mother appears in 40 issues.

    Tarot's Mother is the parent who sides with Tarot rather than Raven and even bears a similar resemblance. She now stays with both her daughters and is the High Witch of the Black Rose.

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    Witch War

    Tarot's Mother is always ready to help her daughter if it is desired as in the views of her two daughters she sides with Tarot over Raven. Tarot tells her mother that she does not want her help, because the cards foretell danger for her if she would come to her daughter's aid. Tarot's Mother decided to let Tarot have her way, though she leaves her offer on the table.

    When Tarot returns with Jon, she helps him recover and then brings him to the kitchen to discuss things. As Jon holds his steaming hot chocolate he gasps after hearing the tale and in astonishment he asks if Raven can actually bring the dead to life.

    Tarot's mother emerges from the shadows behind Jon and answers his question by saying that with the Forbidden Book anything is possible, however a spell of such magnitude as resurrection would surely create a shock wave in the world.

    Jon turns and walks over to her and greets the kind woman when Tarot tells him, "Jon, this is my mother." At hearing this he turns back to Tarot in shock and asks her if she figured out his name with her witch powers but she smiles and tells him not to worry.

    So Jon tries to sum up what he's just learned and asks if all they need to do is, find Raven so they can get both the book and the body and there problems should be solved. Tarot's mother tells him he is correct but adds that it must be done before Samhain, which causes Jon to question her on what Samhain is.

    She tells him Samhain is what we would call Halloween, it is the day that the barrier between life and death is thinnest and so at midnight would be when Raven would logically use her necro-magick. She goes on to say this will end up horrifying the peoples and causing them to begin a second burning of witches.

    Tarot and her mother then discuss Jon after he leaves and her mother tells her he seems like a nice guy and would be good for Tarot. Tarot tells her mother that is what she wanted to talk about, because she shared a vision with Jon.

    Back at the cemetery when he touched her shoulder a flash of The Lovers card was seen by her as a pulse of energy passed through her, making her feel hot, a type of feeling she had never had before. Her mother tells her it means she's in love but Tarot argues and tells her mom that she's being serious and that she does not have time for a serious relationship.

    She tells her mother that having her and having magick is all she needs but her mother asks what her heart needs with a smile. Tarot storms off in frustration with her mother telling her, I...I got to go mom, time is running out."


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